What this Group of people need now activation


In this session we will focus into “what this group of people need right now”, so this one is not personalized as the individual one, but you still will receive surely something what you need in that particular moment or situation of your life.

We do this type of activation every Wednesday at 9:00 pm, for all the people that book their group session for that day.

Schedule your group session here: 

https://unitycocreators.wordpress.com/contact/  (please, type a name of the session to comments in the contact form).

Instructions to take a session:

During the session please be preferably in an quiet place without any disturbances. You don´t need to do absolutely anything to receive it, nothing at all. Just sit down with straight back if possible, if not you can lay down, get comfortable, take as many deep breathes as you need, set your intention to do this activation or feel the desire in your heart if it is possible, relax, open your heart, and your entire being and become as receptive as possible. After the session please take a moment to settle down the energies, and drink a lot of purified or distilled water.

Hope will be helpful, in-joy 🙂

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