Look what the sea has thrown out directly to my feet when we were leaving the beach – just after posting the post “Recovering parts of Christos-Sophia”!!! 😁😁😁💕👍🏻


WHAT IS DUALITY Duality is caused: 1.) by distortions and/or perversions which cause inner conflict between polarities, between opposite parts of what is (including feminine and masculine principle and aspects), which is preventing them to merge into Unity between them; and between each one of them and God – their highest spirits, their Pure Original … More WHAT IS DUALITY?

Here We goooo!!! 😁💕 Just be YOU. Autenticity in the Air!!! ❤️💛💚💙💜 #happyweekend ☀️ 


WHAT IS THE SACRED UNITY Unity is who you truly are, it is your your home, your natural state of being free of distortion, perversion and duality. It is sacredness, sovereignty, empowerment and freedom in every sense. Unity is the God itself, and at the same time it is all it’s Original Expressions of different … More WHAT IS UNITY?