Divine Spark Activation


(distant session, 30 – 45 min.)


Is a WHOLE DIVINE BLUEPRINT activation, in its original state of perfection,

free of duality and distortion.

While my Sessions called “Energetic Transmissions” are composed of several recorded transmissions, when each one of them represents a different aspect of the Divine, a different Pure Divine Perfection Code, the one called “Divine Spark activation” is only a One session activation of the WHOLE DIVINE BLUEPRINT in its COMPLETENESS (it contains all divine codes), UNITY (= duality free), and also in its original state of PERFECTION (= distortion free).

This session helps you to activate your own Divine Blueprint you already have, as everything is within and nothing is without, and it is placed between the third and fourth chakras, right on the diaphragm.

Once the Blue Print is activated, Unity in you is activated and, as God, the Divine Codes are also duality and separation free, so this will help you with all your INTEGRATION and UNIFICATION processes OF ALL PARTS OF YOU.

It means, that this activation will help you with:

integrating all your DIMENSIONS, as you are a multidimensional being, which means also unification between you & your HIGHER SELF & your SOUL, and also will improve the connection and alignment between you and them – your higher dimensions, helping you to bring Here all what you truly are, to become your authentic You. It will also help you in accessing your special GIFTS you have as a unique Soul expression, step by step, in divine timing and in guidance of your Higher Self.

Integrating ALL PARTS OF YOU WHICH ARE IN STATE OF DUALITY = all POLARITIES, which are SEPARATED and/or DISTORTED. It means it facilitate unifying between all polarities as for example is – giving & receiving, acting & being, masculine & feminine – through balancing, harmonizing them and through helping you to SEE & RESOLVE INNER CONFLICTS & DISTORTIONS (ILLUSIONS) which are inhibiting them to merge. Because it is only in the state of deep understanding (divine consciousness distortion free) and love, when Peace emerge, and it is only then, when Unification can happen. As the conflict creates duality, peace creates Divine Unity.                                                                                                                                                                    

     This unification, sooner or later, will start to manifest in every aspect of who you are, of your life. GENTLY, AT YOUR OWN PACE, IN DIVINE TIMING, as all after this session, depends on YOU, as it is you, who have the free will to listen or not to your higher self, your intuition, it´s insights, and to learn to do so. It depends also on the level of your consciousness and the capacity to discern between the Divine Truth, and illusion = distortion, to sense it, and again – you have the free will to take actions and decisions up on it, or not.

Discerning between illusion and truth will be easier, as you will have the Divine Blueprint activated, and so you will have all divine codes – the divine truth – vibrating within you more clearly. Your higher self will keep transmitting you new frequencies and upgrades lifelong, which will go activating these codes always on a deeper level, according to the divine timing, and guiding you to see and distinguish always the truth, in situations, experiences, and also within you, and so help you with self-deception attitudes. Always when you are willing to see, and to listen. It will also facilitate you to make the Unconscious Conscious, and so become more aware of your own old unconscious programs and beliefs, and allowing you to start creating your reality more consciously.

This unification between you and your higher self, the divine you, can be noticed by perceiving more clearly and loudly your true desires, what really makes you happy, what truly brings you joy, what your passion is and all specific gifts you have for who you individually are, as a particular divine expression. Also you can feel more clearly when you do, think, or say something which is not in alignment with the true divine being you are, which usually just does not feel good.

So step by step you will start to have the same desires as your higher self, the same feelings, thoughts, synchronicities, sensations, etc. As you are becoming One, and you will start to be and feel more peaceful, joyful, complete, authentic, integrated and creative being. All that leads you to feel the more and more complete and sovereign.

The speed, intensity and sensations depend on how strong you are willing to follow your higher self, your divine blue print, to commit and surrender to it, and to really see and let go off the old – habits, thoughts, believes, preferences, emotional programs, social programs, what people say if you do this or that… The decisions taken from your center, from your divine spark, not necessarily have to match with intellectual consistency, social programmings, mind setup, analysis, or with what we thought it was good for us or others, with what we think we wish, etc.

So it is up on our openness and trust towards the new and unknown, flexibility to change and switch to the new, as many times, what creates suffering and pain is actually our own resitances, addictions, clutching and grabbing to the old.

Therefore, as you can see, this lifetime activation is for you, if you really want to engage, to commit & surrender to your authenticity, to your truth, to your real you, your higher self, for who feel strong desire in the heart to do so, to start to Unify with the Divine again.

You can schedule your DIVINE SPARK ACTIVATION session here: 

https://unitycocreators.wordpress.com/contact/  (please, type a name of the session to comments in the contact form).


The Whole Divine Blueprint is given to you in a very direct form of distant session. It means that I will be present during the entire session time with you, at the same time, from its beginning till its end (30 to 45 minutes), you can just watch occasionally your clock or just set up the alarm to know when the session is finished.


It is better for you to be alone, in a comfortable and quiet space, free of disturbances.

You do not have to do anything to receive it, nothing at all.

Just sit down with straight back if possible, if not you can lay down and get comfortable.

Take as many deep breathes as you need and try to relax.

Open your heart, your entire being and become as receptive as possible. Open your heart to me too, as I will.

Set your intention to have this activation, or feel the desire in your heart if it is possible.


After the session please take a moment to settle down the energies, then drink a lot of purified water or spring water with weak mineralization, or distilled water if possible.

IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO ONE MORE SUPPORT SESSION after this one if needed in the future; in case  of having hard period of time, as a support of the first session, it´s called “Divine Spark Activation SUPPORT”, or you can also empower yourself with a little activation called “What you need now” https://unitycocreators.wordpress.com/what-you-need-now-activation/ – whenever and how many times you need during your life.

For more info, procedure details or scheduling any of these sessions, please contact us on unitycocreatorsinfo@gmail.com or just click on the link below:


Investment 90€

U are investing in your "Divine Spark" activation session