Sarah, daughter of Jesus website; new energetic transmission & channeling.

Hiii, I would love to present you another Web I have have since February 2018 dedicated to channelings & energetic transmissions of Sarah, daughter of Jesus. It is in Spanish for now, but if you want to enjoy online YouTube Sarah’s activations, you can enjoy them equally! You can find them on the web or … More Sarah, daughter of Jesus website; new energetic transmission & channeling.

Akashik Records & Earth Grids Clearings.

Personal Memories as well as General Cosmic Memories of the History of this Universe and beyond, have been stolen and misused over many many thousands years by the negative entities, neg. programmers and dark magicians. Traumatic memories imprisoned in Earth Grids and Crystals were used by these forces in order to maintain the pain being … More Akashik Records & Earth Grids Clearings.

Really love this full moon and I am so grateful that I have time to go in and see.. childhood memories came to me suddenly.. moments of profound peace, love and happiness. Those which I will bring with me when I will die. Moments which make our lives worth living. And I am so amazed … More

What is there in the UNDERGROUND, wanted to be seen?

2D clearings continue.. All its content – all what was separated, fractalized, lost and trapped there as fragments of souls, bodies, mommies, painful crystalized memories, pain of this fractalization and separation also – both – natural (because of pain experiences) or artificial (by ET techniques) – all is being reconnected back and merged with our … More What is there in the UNDERGROUND, wanted to be seen?

Connecting to water, popping out my mermaid past life again.. mermaid sea swimming movements flows out when swimming in the sea, as if would be the most natural movement for me. Would stay in the sea forever.. Diving deep. Water reconnects me to what does really matter in my life and what doesn’t. Love and … More

Look what the sea has thrown out directly to my feet when we were leaving the beach – just after posting the post “Recovering parts of Christos-Sophia”!!! 😁😁😁💕👍🏻