💗☀️🐬 IN~JOY THE RIDE! 😁 MERGE WITH YOUR HIGHEST SPIRIT, LIVE WHO YOU ARE. PASSION IN YOUR 💗🔥IS THE KEY, YOUR CONNECTION TO YOUR SPIRIT, TO UNITY, WHICH OVERCOMES ANY TYPE OF FEAR, and so COURAGE APPEARS. 🦁 That’s another update for these days and weeks ahead.. Alooohaaa Unity Family!!! 🙂We are ONE!!! 💗☀️🐬 Advertisements

The most important relationship is that one you have with YOU & GOD.

That’s the Energy Update. Relationships in the air.. UNIFICATION between you and your HIGHEST SPIRIT in 2D level – we are so preparing the land for anchoring THE NEW, UNITY here on Earth in this level finally, it is very physical. Also TWINFLAME UNIFICATIONS AND REENCOUNTERS happening now – opening in such profound level now … More The most important relationship is that one you have with YOU & GOD.

New code ☀️😍 12×12 – this has to do with people unifying with their monadic groups – families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 and lets see if something more show up around this code – what do you feel is about? ☀️

Few days ago I just have found this painting I did time ago in my closet! 🤘🏻👩🏻‍🎨🎨🌈 Open to see full picture ✨

I had a vision of this symbol yesterday, can anybody percieve its meaning? ✨🌈☀️ Open to see full picture.✨

Rainbow frequencies flowing down to the Earth

Huge rainbow frequencies are flowing down to the Earth since Lunar eclipse, as we are remembering, integrating, bringing down here from higher dimensions our uniqueness, our divine gifts, true expression of who we are (previous posts). It is about our relationship we have towards our inner Divine Father as a creator – what do we … More Rainbow frequencies flowing down to the Earth