Unity Sessions



We work huge at planetary and universal level – with Earth, and other planets and Galaxies also constantly (not in sessions, this is our general work.

We work very much with the planet Earth Grid work and peoples – YOUR PERSONAL GRID WORK system and encodement, which has to do with DNA rehabilitation as the Grid system is in fact the same as DNA system structure, but in another level and both connects one to each other.

So we work with both – Personal Grid Work and DNA cleansing, liberation and rehabilitation from negative alien agenda damages and helping you with ANCESTRAL DNA CLEARING also.

REWIRING – dissolving negative conduits of energetic vampiric system of the body, disconnecting it from another vampiric beings, realities, webs and matrixes and restoring the natural functioning and connection to the LIFE FORCE ENERGY. This one is done step by step long therm process as the Unity means SOVEREIGNTY at all levels, energetically also, so as more “unitary” and less dualistic you become, more sovereign you are energetically, and so you are becoming the originally designed human being, functioning within the true Divine Nature – Free of any of the vampiric systems.

We are also assit you in your POLARITY INTEGRATION – as we are polarity integrators, we use our catalytic power to help ourselves and others to unify, to merge their inner opposite forces, polarities, which are creating them inner conflicts. It is done not only through the balancing of polarities, but also through and into the neutral force of Zero Point Field, into their Divine Union of Christ (Unity) Consciousness, no matter how dark the force can be. It is so how the Bi-wave consciousness (polarity, dual functioning) is merged into the Three-waved consciousness of Sacred Trinity, which unites all back to the Unity. To see more to about this please click here: What is Unity.

We assist you in Unifying, creating the CONNECTION BETWEEN YOU, YOUR SOUL AND YOUE HIGHEST SPIRIT. Many people are literally almost disconnected, or due to their own blockages, traumas, negative thought forms, habits, addictions, etc., or due to negative alien agenda systems, manipulation and machinery. We work through that all and help you to recreate and reestablish the connection between you and your highest spirit – the maintenance after that depends on you and your attitudes.

We activate your DIVINE SPARKLE here in the physical, your Core of your being, connect you to your SPECIFIC DIVINE BLUEPRINT – to your specific divine qualities and gifts, to who you truly are as a unique expression of God – to your greatest PASSION and JOY, and clear it if there was caused some damage (normally by negative alien agenda).

We WORKING IN ALL TIMELINES (part by part, or all in the same time) – every issue or problem you have, is being worked in all timelines.

We are WORKING IN ALL DIMENSIONS – not only at your 3D body and subtle bodies, or your soul level, but from your lowest to your highest dimensions (your highest spirit), from your darkest to your lightest aspects – no limits there.

We assist you to release your PAST LIFE TRAUMAS (at all levels).

We assist you to release NEGATIVE THOUGHT FORMS, NEUROLOGICAL PATHWAYS and believes are being released at all levels too.

As you can see – all sessions work always with both: 1.) ISSUES CREATED BY YOU – neg. thoughts, believes, energetic blockages, etc., and 2.) ALL KIND OF ARTIFICIAL STUFF – made by negative alien agenda (as for example DNA damage made since thousand years ago, grid work, electromagnetic and nervous system functioning, disconnection causing systems between you and some of your dimensions or aspects, soul fractals, if your soul was fractalized, etc.)

Each of our session is E M P O W E R I N G  Y O U – it means that each session and all these things we do are destined to empower YOU in your own journey, as in fact all depends on YOU and YOUR ATTITUDES after the session. We want really to help you, and at the same time we are not saviors of anybody, this power is yours. We just do all the best we can to facilitate you your way home as possible, the rest is your own responsibility, as for example if you listen to your intuition, your Highest Spirit and act upon that or not changes everything, self deception is not the best choice here.

EACH SESSION RESPECT ABSOLUTELY THE DIVINE TIMING OF EVERYONE, as it is done by ours and yours Highest Spirits and Unity Teams of Angels.



For someone not remarkable at the beginning, for someone great change. All this depends on where you are on your path now, how sensible and open you are, what was done in concrete,.. many factors can influence. But what we can guarantee is, that what is done in our sessions is done on VERY VERY DEEP LEVELthats how Christ – Unity Consciousness Catalytic power works, it is also very grounding into a physical kind of force. This means that the changes can be instant or not, but they are very powerful and VERY LONG THERM EFFECT type of sessions. OUR SESSIONS WORK IN TIME. So what normally happen is that the session is working during 3-6 month normally, or more, and you can be noticing subtle or stronger but stable inner changes going on, so give it a time. Then when you feel done, you can ask for another session if necessary. So this is our more frequent experience.


For more information please click on the type of session you are interested in (menu bar), or here:

What You Need Now Session

Divine Spark Session

Unity Avatar Body Template Download

What This Group Of People Need Now Session


For further information, scheduling a session and procedure details, please contact us on unitycocreatorsinfo@gmail.com or just click on the link below:


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