About us

Hi, dear Unity Cocreators!

We are the Divine Unity holders couple Petra and Josep, assisting in the Go Back Home journey into Unity processes of people, planet Earth and this Universe since thousand years ago and now, during the age of Aquarius.


We are here to assist in the EMBODIMENT of the Sacred Trinity and Unity, God in the physical human being, planet Earth and this Universe. We are the unity twin flame couple, which came to this Universe to bring here the Go Back Home Possibilities and Compass to guide and assist us in multiple ways in the way back to the Sacred Trinity and so to the Unity through the Catalytic powers and the Original Divine Perfection Codes (God Codes), and Threefold Flame codes, as well as All Sacred Rays Original Pure Unity Codes, as the Unity is the Absolute Completeness and so it contains all Pure Sacred Rays and codes, which all are duality and distortion free.


We both are holding these Original Unity Patterns, frequencies and powers for thousands years here, as this is who we are in our higher dimensions of the next Universe where we come from, where we live in the state of Unity. But till now we can not start with the embodying processes of these qualities here, as we were waiting till now like many, as every being born here has no advantage and need to be born and exist here within the same laws and conditions that are here in every moment. And so we were waiting for the moment like this, when the decision was taken by humanity to come back home, to move forward into an another reality, to pass from duality to unity, from distortion to divine perfection, from not respecting the Divine to the Divine Order etc., and so now (since years ago) it is possible for us both and others to finally go embodying all we were mostly simply holding till now.


This embodiment process of bringing the heaven on Earth personally and universally – is exactly what we came to do here, this is our work – to hold it till possible to start embody and anchor it all, to do it through ourselves and to assist to others to do the same, which is a long therm process as we are integrating it all, and this ALL is huge – as God, your Highest Spirit IS HUGE right? 😀 – and so it´s going to take some time to bring it in, embody it in 100% at all levels :), every one in it´s own perfect divine timing.


We are also holders of Unity Catalytic Powers, when the “catalyst” in chemistry means:”a device for changing one substance or form or state into another”,  “a substance that initiates or accelerates a chemical reaction without itself being affected”. This does not mean that we both as humans here are not affected by anything, but that the Unity patterns, the Divine Perfection codes, essences and frequencies we hold can not be never ever affected by us, anyone or anything, and they are incorruptible, while they are capable to change everything, what is not in alignment with the Divine, respecting all the Divine Laws, and they serve as a compass in the way back home.


We are SO VERY PASSIONED about Unifying Heaven and Earth, and    WE  TRULY WANT TO HELP YOU   with creating this Sacred Union between You and your Highest Spirit, with THE EMBODIMENT OF WHO YOU TRULY ARE – God, in YOUR UNIQUENESS, as this are our gifts, this is who we are, and that´s why we are here! To help us all to create our Home, our New paradigm RIGHT HERE within us, and outside of us, to create this whole NEW world, NEW YOU, because You – We are God, the Divine. And.. we are ONE. Are you passioned about this too?




POSTS: In our Blog, where we both post here what is coming to us in each moment, something like Earth Energetic News 🙂 What kind of energies are coming to the planet, what they help us to see, to move, to shift, etc.
SESSIONS:  Check them out here.
ONLINE HANG OUTS ON ZOOM, OFFLINE HANG OUTS: Check them out here. TOOLS: We use in our daily lives as a maintenance of body, mind and spirit, check it out here.


To know us more feel free to ask us your questions HERE, or contact us by email: unitycocreatorsinfo@gmail.com, you are welcome.


So are you in? If you feel it, you get it! 🙂
Tones of Love, Petra Meira & Josep ❤



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