NEW EARTH NEWS: Lunar eclipse of July 2018 summary. (Now and further tendencies.)

Hi all unity cocreators,
apart from the Sarah´s channeling I would like to talk about some more latest happenings.
As the planet Earth is ascending greatly, our physical bodies are too. This continue to bring into the surface many past and present experiences clearing, much on the emotional level of both – the planet Earth and Us, and there are many dark attacks since the beginning of July, trying to take advantage of it and reverse what is occurring now – occupying planet Earth, and our bodies at all levels fully, which means that some beings which were existing in the INNER EARTH for ages, astral plane of the Earth and all technology used for dark purposes placed there and in our light bodies MUST LEAVE and are loosing their access to many of these spaces.
And so they want to negotiate (me and Josep when doing planetary work are often listening now “negotiate! haggle! wriggle! – or how to translate it.. 🙂 Now these planetary works become a bit uncomfortable in some crucial points of work, but if you maintain you in what is needed, finally the work is completed (if you are gridworker, gatekeeper, grail keeper, love sender 🙂..)
So, these emotional clearings and healings are those of the wounds of the Christic beings and of the planet Earth (Christic being). Whole July many of us were clearing aaaall holocaust memories from aaaall past lives (many timelines at once also), of these Christic races and seedings – consciously or not, but this is what was going on collectively, and if we clear them, heal them, everything is recovered (all soul fragments, crystals, bodies..), it can be closed – on personal or global level, and so you don´t repeat more these past painful experiences in some way again. So definitely we can influence the past and so change the present and the future – this is what we are doing all this summer 2018.
Another thing happening is the embodiment process of our Diamond Sun bodies (for some Double Diamond Sun bodies), with correct general and personal blueprints (which brought and still brings a lot of dark and light polarities clearings, sometimes very polarized and distant. So the alchemy of UNIFICATION from the place of Neutral Zero Point and Love is what is needed to go through, those who like Sarah, can ask her to help you with this, as this is exactly her special gift for the world as she works much as a catalyst, Unificator, among many other things.
To give you an example of polarity clearings and unifications, there was a lot of clearing and work around false father and mother god – dark mother. So you have for example Lilith in one side, and anchoring True mother and daughter God at the same time, and the same in masculine – archetype of tyrant and oppressor vs compassionate father. Each of us facing and disolving its shadows – distorted genetics, blueprints and blockages, imposed or self created, as well as integrating Sun qualities, corrected blueprint of who you are – all at the same time, one thing leaves, one is entering at the same time. The clearing depends on from what lineages comes your genetics, what “mixture” 🙂you have, and not only from this life, as we cary the summary of DNAs from all lives on subtle levels, and it also depends on who you truly are  within this mix 🙂- what aspect of God you represent. As the original genetics were distorted (all were 🙂), you are transcending them, and clearing genetic and others negative attachments made through them etc etc, while embodying new global and personal tree of life, blueprint – correct divine codes of who you originally were and are. This is also happening in the realm of elements, elementals, minerals, animals, astrological archetypes, etc..
How our DNAs became distorted is a long story but this could by for ex. through mixing your DNA with negative alien ones, through “making negative clones of you, or the distortion was caused (all in the past and/or now) because of negative technology – reversal grids, electromagnetic currents generating “your reversal you”, or if you were present in some of planet or continent explosions, we are recovering our and others soul and consciousness fragments, we see them many times for example as crystals, or you literally was the same consciousness as that planet, or it was because of you taking those kind of actions which change DNA in negative way, or from many other reasons..
So now what me and Joseph see, is that these reversals are being faced and if willing, working on their reconnection to the eternal source of life, so they can move from parasitic to sovereign beings, which is what we all are doing now – embodying corrected blueprints, Diamond Sun bodies, which means recovering energetic sovereignty for us and the Earth.
And so they are trying to take advantage of these quite profound processes and so to create another timeline of descent of Earth or in personal level too. In this invisible- visible war I see playing a lot with aggression (psychic attacks, black magic from astral plane and other timelines, placing many dispositives in lightbodies etc., mind control, energy and sexual energy draining, as well as attacks through those who are easily manipulated by dark forces. Therefore it is good to just be aware that this combination with deep emotional clearing and literally reclaiming the Whole Earth as our planet after so long (since they invaded it), may cause exhaustion,  frustration, sensation of vulnerability (many times from past lives clearings), fear and rage.
Women can center their healing these days/weeks to their second and first chakra zones and organs – vagina, uterus, rectum – as these are the spaces which are being cleared very much now – 1 & 2D – of the Earth also – is the same – Caves, Crystals, inner Core – Heart of the Earth and ours, inner Sun.. I clear many etheric implants from these zones in both human and Earth lately, as they want to negatively influence the clearing processes. The sensation for me is as reclaiming, clearing,occupying these spaces by soul fully, and so healing occurs. This all has to do with Mother and Daughter God return  – as they were artificially maintained separated from anchoring to the Earth, to be a part of the Sacred Trinity (Mother, Father, Child), which happened during patriarchal cycle and was on till almost now (just last years she is returning more and more each year), so now they are reconnecting with whole creation, and between them – Mother, Father, Child – in all dimensions, and finally anchoring.
The good thing is also that we are at the same time more powerful after month of June and July, and the day of lunar eclipse I saw the trinity sword of truth as a key code we were downloading and are assimilating now as collective, and so who has opened eyes and heart can see soooo much easier the truth. It makes me laugh in some situations (in a good sense, I am surprised 🙂),  because it is like having a huge shining Sun right here and right now, so we can see every little grain of dust.. :), and our senses are so much more sharpened right now… We can differentiate the energy of each situation, entity, person, real intention, many times as direct knowing and faaar before he/she starts to speak, or even before he/she comes in some kind of contact or physical closeness with us.. 🙂 And it doesn’t matter if she/he puts her/his image and make up on 🙂 and it is GOOD, because there is no judgement in God.
So, from now it will be increasingly difficult to maintain any type of lie and illusion here, neither with oneself.
Learn to trust and honor your inner knowing, especially in situations of some kind of attack or conflict.
You know. You don´t need arguments, you don´t need to “understand” because you already know. And if someone is attacking you in some way, you don´t need to speak or answer if you dont want to, just in order to be “polite or educated” neither, these are arguments of the darkness if you don´t enter to their game. You can just walk away. Do not fight neither. Sometimes it is difficult to not to do so, when someone is clearly and increasingly invading your space, yelling, calling for your attention, intent to border you, attack you, or just putting themselves on the middle of your way braking and pushing you :), or trying to distract and make you loose your center,… and I tell you, SOME people can now become very agresive (as during whole month of July), and from my experience, if I engage mentally, verbaly or in attitude towards them, this goes worse for me energetically and they are growing instantly with that.
So there is no other way that not to get engage whatever is happening in whatever plane – the same is valid for psychic and astral attacks, maintain you in your center, first of all let go of the need to fight right in that situation as much as you can, look for absolute peace and certainty that  this is already done ☆, that you – we can not loose anything. IT IS DONE. It not about being lazy and do not nothing, it is about INNER ATTITUDE of peaceful but firm occupying your space, maintaining your position, and the same is valid for your general attitude now (not just in the conflict situation), occupying your place in the world, taking responsibility of this manifestation of who you are here on the Earth in this lifetime, from inside out, facing all fears and maybe unwillingness and all resistances to embody your true you, which now can be felt too.
With all this in mind, it feels better to do clearings of technology, black magic, or just doing shieldings and groundings (to both directions – down and up – to the Andromedan Core) more often now, and one thing that helps sometimes much than all of this is ☆ the JOY ☆ and summer is the great opportunity to relax and do whatever you enjoy!!! 🙂 This is what sometimes works better for me during this whole summer 🙂 Nature, playing, inner child, people and things that make your heart sing and laugh. Optimism, motivation of your – ours new life, new Earth we are creating now, as well as honoring processes of unifying, healing, respecting your emotions (as long as they are yours :). 
It is possible that realization of some projects (including that of being your true self 🙂), does not go so smoothly now, as before we take actions, especially if these are not aligned yet with your higher self, we need to process some stuff and reconnect us through our JOY and PLAY with our hearts, our true purpose and identity, which later will be reflected in  more refined actions and manifestations of ourselves and our true desires, which will bring us even more joy, care and satisfaction. You are reconstructing your whole You and your life now, it’s ok, give it some time, LOVE and space.
Many blessings, Petra.

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