Sarah, daughter of Jesus website; new energetic transmission & channeling.


I would love to present you another Web I have have since February 2018 dedicated to channelings & energetic transmissions of Sarah, daughter of Jesus. It is in Spanish for now, but if you want to enjoy online YouTube Sarah’s activations, you can enjoy them equally! You can find them on the web or YouTube (links below).

I was quite inactive on this website as I was was working simultaneously on various projects.

I hope to bring you Sarah chanellings as often as possible since now, as she is very Ascended Master for the whole age of #ascension, very powerful & empowering, has the gifts of alchemy of inner polarity unifying, very integrating & grounding energy, conflict resolving, she is great catalyst, represents Unity, overrides duality and distortions, helps us to work with the lowest vibrations of our shadow, heal or most profound wounds, our Divine Blueprint, clear us from artificial stuff too, and it is a lot about restoring eternal life force, help with connection with our higher selves,.. as you can see is powerful stuff, and her love she is, is beyond words for me.. divine daughter-mother energy, and is the best to work with the twinflames. I will do a video presentation about her later, and put my sessions I do with her online too.

Each energetic transmission Sarah does normally has its theme plus she also comes to you individually and each person will receive what needs in that moment.

So, hope you enjoy!!!! 🙂 💖💛💚💙💜





YouTube Channel:




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