Happy Trinity Solstice!!!

Happy Sacred Trinity (Threefold flame) Solstice!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŒžπŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’™ This is Activating Image for this Solstice.

As we were leading past weeks towards it, we have been/are/will be passing through changes, first in the Earth Core – Heart (volcanos activations etc..) which shaked the basis, foundation of everything, activates Life in everything, in Dark Matter template which is being resurrected into Light Matter template in order to be able to run 3 wave Trinity currents which reconnects the Earth and our Bodies directly to Source of Living Eternal Light Life, which, as you can imagine, is very significant for us and should be percieved and manifested now and later (individually) in our 3D bodies and reality in therms of Everything – recovering Energetic Sovereignty, energy (=&money) flow, visibility of true identity, recovering stolen soul parts, jewles, divine gifts to rightful owner etc etc.

I have no words to describe this, as basicaly this is the impulse, the trinity key & tripple DNA helix we are recieving now, which opens the door to the Eternal God Source of living light.

The SACRED TRINITY – THREEFOLD FLAME – SACRED FAMILY of Mother, Father, Child -God is the ONLY WAY to reconnect back to God Source, IS OUR KEY HOME, the key to be eternal being again, which is our Original Divine nature.

What does it mean ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY? That you are 100% out of vampiric system, and you not only recieve and give God Source Eternal Flow of Life, but YOU AUTO-GENERATE IT TOO. And this is possible only through Trinity – the outer and your inner trinity, as they are one.

We are passing from duality and artificially created separation between mother-father-child (in order to maintain parasitism on the Earth and Earthly people as the source of food) into Unity between them, & so Unity between them & us, restoring so the KUNDALINI OF EARTH AND US into Trinitary – Unitary one (Good Kundalini Trinity Dragons in the Earth Core πŸ™‚ so you can feel many signs of kundalini activations lately.

All these changes can be lived as both – pleasant and unpleasant, depending on issues of each and on external negative intervensions of negative ETs, elementals (these are rebelded huge) as this is affecting much the elementals and elements, alchemy etc. in general, and these neg. ones in concrete, they are getting 2 options – you can stay if you are willing to let go parasitism and addictions (which come always together), or you need to leave the planet and all its layers (inner, middle, surface and all lightbodies).

This also has to do a lot with this: at same time huge amount of Gridworks was/is being done (Gridworkers are quite busy lately :), and when Gridworks happen, normally all parasitic beings living there need to left that geographic zone.

So, Gridworks are being done in order to go resurrecting the Dark Matter template into Light Matter template to be able to run and auto-generate Trinity – Source light too, as ALL this work is done by many – us, guardians, starseeds, gridworkers, gatekeepers, amounts of God Source Diamond Light coming here,….

Oh, & Dark -> Light matter template serves also to engage well ALL LIGHTBODIES (Earth’s & ours) and so enable you energetic sovereignty, better grounding, connection & run & auto-generate more amounts of God Source Light, so you can start notice these benefits too, as well as increasing your healing abilities!!!

Do you? Would be great to rececive your feesback -> comments how are you doing?

Trinity – Unity Hug to all!! πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸŒž SUNRISE IS HERE!!! 😁🌞 (SUN=DIVINE CHILD, energetic sovereignty, 14D, Golden RayπŸ’›, check out my new website about Rays (link in @loveevoljewels)

I would love to say, that all I am talking about (always), is LIVED & SEEN BY ME & JOSEP. Yes, I read other powerful people stuff, which serves me as orientation point for what I PERSONALLY LIVE, SEE, KNOW..

Picture I used for making the key is from Lisa Rene, Energetic Synthesis, love her stuff which match mine. πŸ³πŸŒžπŸ’–πŸ’›πŸ’™ Blessings!!

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