Akashik Records & Earth Grids Clearings.

Personal Memories as well as General Cosmic Memories of the History of this Universe and beyond, have been stolen and misused over many many thousands years by the negative entities, neg. programmers and dark magicians. Traumatic memories imprisoned in Earth Grids and Crystals were used by these forces in order to maintain the pain being replayed over and over, unable to be healed and freed, maintain us here in this reincarnation cycles and as always- in parasitic close source system, and so prevent energetic sovereignty of our population. Also these memories have been Manipulated- Distorted (for ex. Put others traumas into the unconscious memories of someone, and so you started to manifest issues & blockages in your daily life in certain situations), also they were used to make a puzzle of different artificial memories, Holographic Images and Movies to use them to manipulate human mind, and to create Artificial Past and Future timelines in order to create negative future normally of descendance, autodestruction & sabotage. When some painful experience occurs and the body dies, even after death the bindings to that place on Earth get stuck there, and need to be healed and liberated, and it wasn’t quite possible to do this 100% till now. But all this period of misusing acashic records & energetics IS OVER now, as we have been able to clear our shadow selves lately, and now Divine Father is re-pairing and re-building new grid structures, Divine Mother plasma lights coming here are so healing and revitalizing for all of this, all of us, our Planet, Universe and so beyond. She is chanting her song now again, rewriting the verses of the Creational Song, rewriting our matter reality, recovering it back to home original form & existance. We are now free, now it is possible to see and heal our Personal and Planetary and beyond Networks and Crystalized Memories, emotions,.. New memories can get to your conscious mind lately, or sensations, feeling your true You, Your original blueprint and purpose. Till Solstice this and more works are taking place by us and all.Thank you, Unity Cocreators of this Uni for this. IT IS DONE. Blessings to your beautiful hearts. 💙💛💖

#gridworkers #starseeds #crystalcore #akashicrecords #earthgrids #pastlives #unitycocreators #starseed #unity #sacredtrinity #divinemother #balance #polarity #integration #embodiment #newearth #newparadigm #higherself #spirit #beyou #beauthentic #youressence #trueself #authenticity #divinefeminine #newearthnews

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