“Process your garbage!” Denial, trauma, blaming, addictions, fear, negative projections, responsibility..

When some reality, situation, or unresolved past traumas and emotional blockages are too much, are too painful and causes huge fear and anxiety, people sometimes tend to deny this reality or painful trauma as if it wasn’t existing, or acknowledge it but decrease the real weight of it, or try to find person who can process this for them, and how they do this is to start projecting all this garbage on this person, blaming it for this situation, or for whatever – just to create an energetic aggressive impact. They also use to do this through the mental focuse on this person being blaming it etherically and so charge them with their stuff. They don’t want to asume responsability to process it. The interesting thing is, that the person who are blaming many times has nothing to do with their trauma, or even also was the victim of some tragical event (in this or past lives). Why they do this is because of (unconscious or conscious) fear to face the truth about the real aggressor who actually caused this trauma, and address things correctly. And so what happens many times in these situation is to attack and blame their own friends, or soul group family or God and even start acting against them and “make friends” with the aggressor/s. I think this is called Stockholm Syndrom too. There are also Addictions (to whatever, drama included) present in the victim, as addictions always are present when un-healed unprocessed trauma and pain is present – this is good to be aware of if you are dealing with traumatized person, more if this person is in denial. Many times they do all this stuff unconsciously, therefore it is vital for us the willingness of taking responsibility of facing things and making them conscious step by step. Now, of course the same happens also when some person did some negative action (was the agressor, not the victim.) đź”´ So, this is what I am percieveing lately etherically from some people around me & from collective, as many traumas and painful events as holocaust etc. are being cleared from the Earth Body memories – our flash memories. I wanted to share this are many empaths can be feeling this lately. The important thing for us is to maintain the true image of ourselves, and focus on your divine mission, I mean don’t let your attention to be driven constantly outwards to please these requests. The greatest help for them is when you let them to process their own stuff. Love, Petra. 💗💙💛

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