Strengthening and clearing your Spiritual Core, Your Heart, and that of the Mother Earth. Huge changes in the Earth’s Core, as you can see reflected in continuous Kilauea Volcano eruptions. In general this doesn’t have to do with Hawaians, persons living there, this is a global event – Planetary and Universal event, as the Earth Core – Earth HEART, is the Core of this Universe, pomping Raw Divine Lifeforce into all this Universe. Earth is the Heart of this Universe, and we as Earthly human race are too!

This was and is the Divine Plan to make Earth & her people be this. This is her and our true Divine purpose. The Dvine plan and surprise and such a gift of Love of God in form of Earth and her people to help this Universe and all its species to re-activate LIFE here. TO RETURN LIFE TO THIS UNIVERSE AND IT’S SPECIES WHICH HAVE LOST IT. And this Divine Mother Father God’s Helping Hand wasnt always seen, and so Earthly humans were seen as something less than other et races. They didn’t see the power of life, the collective role as a life pumping heart to help them, and the Earth became occupated by them.

Now this clearing of the Core of the Earth is about clearing all negative entities from there, and from all Inner Earth Spaces. I see in the Earth Core liberating 3 good Dragons :), I know it is Divine Trinity Dragons, to restore more powerfully the THREEFOLD ENERGY LIFEFORCE CURENT, and go ending Bipolar anti-life – death and vampirism generating currents and structures, channels (artificially crrated). This three Dragons are starting to circulate around the Earth Core and so many ELECTRO-MAGNETIC CHANGES (which I feel it in my body huge).

This work around the Core-Heart is also necessary in order to re-establish VERTICAL CHANNEL CONNECTION (Earth’s and ours) => mayor ALIGNMENT WITH HIGHER SELF, YOUR INNER CORE, YOUR PURPOSE TO BE GOD IN ACTION HERE AND NOW.

With this All Ego Personalities we have created need to fall apart and just be the Raw Gods Expression here.

Now ones need to be aware of many neg. ET generating FEARS, mind manipulations, trying enlarge past wounds memories etc. Invisible (and visible) power games can be felt, but I also see such a HUUUGE MANY KINDS OF DIVINE POWERS being Activated now, of Love, Healing, Clearing, Reanimating Life Force within the Earth and Us that.. it is huge, that the other forces get little, if we maintain us confident and aligned with our true core and God, KNOWING WHO WE ARE, we became this hand of God in action – and this is important – FROM THE PLACE OF ABSOLUTE DIVINE PEACE, CALM & LOVE STATE OF BEING (it can be perceived huge these days, I am having truly PARADISE like feelings these days, but also anxiety if my mind worry etc, just letting go the need to fight etc.) and when we realize WE DONT NEED TO FIGHT ANYMORE, NO STRUGLE NO EFFORT, THERE WE CAN FIND AND FEEL ALL THESE NEW INCREASING POWERS OF THE DIVINE HEART – OUR HEART..

Connect with the core in you, don’t need to know where it is. You can feel these days symptoms around heart area, crown chakra, first chakra and new trinity kundalini rising like sensation of “burning” in your hands. Sensations can be more or less comfortable depending on your capacity of SURRENDER, inner peace, love and openness to the New.

💗💛💙 Petra

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