“I allow myself to be the highest expression of my Pure Essence.”

Today this affirmation has come out from my spirit for myself, while I was doing a healing session, however I know, that is valid for many people now, since what is being transformed after the last planetary activations * from more or less the day 23.4, is all that has to do with


at all levels – unity between me with my higher self and God, unity between soulmates, in relationships with people, in groups.. Co-crestion.

So this will be done in the end of June and well, starting from within, is about to be aligned with our own highest spirit, “higher self”, it is time to perceive who we truly are, what are our special innate gifts from the origin of our existence, which is ours blueprint, that code of our spirit that is so special and absolutely unique, and how to express it as best as possible here, on Earth, in this Life, this year, how to share our gifts in the best possible way for the enrichment and maximum well-being of ourselves and all, to feel fulfilled and complete, really satisfied, feeling that you are doing and expressing what you really are, that you are being who you are! And the immense joy that this brings, OMG!

On the other hand, many of the “light workers” usually have blockages just with shining and being who they are, to do in their lives what they have really come and wish to do, because of previous traumas, hidden fears, many times unconscious from past lives, like the ones I am seeing and cleaning now these days.

So, let’s let it flow 🤣🤣🤣 sometimes we have to dive very deep to find our own treasures, so let’s process and heal what is needed and let us be surprised by the New that is coming to us right now at the same time, Let’s plant the seed of our true self for this year, and let it grow, it is spring! 😁🌹🌰🌱 step by step, breathing deeply .. We are in this togher, lets co-create this New East together! 💞🤗 🌏

#twinflames #unitycocreators #love #spring #starseed #unity #sacredtrinity #threefoldflame #balance #polarity #integration #embodiment #newearth #newparadigm #higherself #spirit #beyou #beauthentic #expressyourself #youressence #trueself #authenticity #bethechange #whoyouare #whoiam #pastlives #reincarnation #lemuria #lemuriancodes #letscocreate #tara #gaia

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