Happy Beltane & Full Moon!!!

Happy Unity Flame (sacred marriage) and Red Sacred Ray Activation and anchoring! Period: 17.4 to 15.5, Intensive 24.4 to 8.5, Peak: 1.5.

– as the divine feminine continues to come and merge (finally) with earth, as she anchors in Earth (divine masculine in the Sky) Divine masculine is helping her to anchor and he is also rebirthing his true self (out of false father arquetype).

This create new level of Unification and merge between them, new level of MATTER ANTIMATTER MERGE, as we didn’t see here till know for ages..

This brings a lot of changes here as passing from duality creation to UNITY CHRISTIC CREATION through this merge which is anchoring to the Earth now at the most deep levels as we can imagine 1D, SUBATOMIC LEVEL- RED SACRED RAY, which is about many things but first of all about TREE OF LIFE (personal and global), YOUR SPECIFIC BLUEPRINT reencription into ORIGINAL UNITY LEVEL – FREE OF DISTORTIONS, AND DEATH (VAMPIRISM) SUPPORTING GRIDS AND TREES OF LIFE, and so affecting ALL of Sacred Rays and their blueprints. We are the Light so we are the Sacred Rays, you have your Sacred Ray Crystaline original core, so this is quite significant for us now in order to reconstruct our blueprint (1D) in order to fulfil our purpose of being who we are.

This reconnects us also to our FEARS AROUND BEING WHO WE ARE AND MANFESTING OUR SELVES FULLY AND VISIBLY IN THIS 3D WORLD HERE, which many times are unconscious, but past life memories around this (stoling, cloning, eating, enslaving, violating of Christic races, Christic races seeding memories) are popping out much lately.

Beltane comes with this all, which, as every years at this time brings Huge 1D (subatom.), 2D (atoms, under Earth, elementals, caverns, crystals) and 4D – astral level clearings.. It has to do all with all that was trapped in these levels can be freed now.

p.s. these days I saw as the Earth was literally opening and many kind of zombie and similar creatures were coming out and being finally liberated.. with this comes purge of all those who were creating and maintaining all these beings in slavery for millenia.. Many of these and other beings in other dimensions, 3D included, were hibrids between Christic and non Christic creations, so we are swing and cleansing also many consequences of these past events.

And with this cleansings of Dark Mother comes at the same time: False (reversed) Mother, black magic, satanic forces, blood sacrifice memories and consequences of these historical events, which were hijacking aspects of True Mother and using them for manipulate people and hijack vital energy and many other purposes. Dark Mother is in fact anti divine feminine movement.

So, many things going on really, I notice nervousness of people in general as many fears are surfacing in order to being processed and with it integration and DNA – PERSONAL & PLANETARY GRID WORKS – TREE OF LIFE MAPS RECODIFICATION.

You can work with red ray if you will to help you through these changes, which is info that came to me these days, as well as if you know your sacred ray color so just focus to channel its original blueprint for you (I was told to do some work in Tatry mountains (Slovakia), concretely Krivan mountain, which is the centre for red Sacred Ray here. Also you can just ask for to be connect directly with your pure essence of who you are, with the max openness and intention to manifest your divine purpose here (red sacred ray), being fully in service to others which is always the greatest joy and fulfilment for you!!! Big cosmic hug to all Starseeds and angels and all light workers!!!

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