Liberty through the Truth, courage, fear.. And a little bit about Sarah, the daughter of Jesus.

This is what comes out now for these days since the activations of Equinox that are still settling.

This Equinox has been very intense, connecting and downloading the sacred codes literally of the Godhead, which have everything to do with Sara, the daughter of Jesus, and her codes of daughter-Divine Mother who is at the same time a Divine Unitarian.

I am working with her as she says “since alwyas” but consciously since 2012. I perceive her values ​​as for example those of the post (the photo), among many others.

Sara has a lot to do with Spring, the Life and its re-surection here on Earth and this Universe through the return of the Divine Mother here and her hierogamic union with the Divine Father. Therefore she has to do with the Natural Death, letting go naturally of everything that is no longer in the Divine harmony, thus liberating space for the new, keeping all the flow in balance and Unity.

It also represents Coherence, Trust in God, Zero Point and beyond, the Unity itself that functions as an elevator back to Godhead, Alchemy of Union of Polarities, masculine and feminine, Union between antimatter and matter, acceptance and dissolution of distortions and perversions, naked Truth and honesty as the only way to true Freedom, autenticity and Unity with God and the incredible Divine Love that Heals us.

Her energy is very integrating, centering and anchoring, immensely loving, empowering and she works with all densities of energy. She works with unification between twinflames.

In time I will tell you more about her, and we will do more downloadable meditations on my website or online. 🎉🌞💙


#channeling #energy #energytransmissions #sarahdautherofjesus #starseed #unity #sacredtrinity #threefoldflame #divinefeminine #mothergod #balance #polarity #integration #eternallife #poweroflife #twinflames #sacredrays #elementals #embodiment #sacredboundaries #newearth #newparadigm #andromeda #truth #fear #courage

Origin of the images: unknown. Please contact me for credit claim, thanks.

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