Clearing Addictions ~victimism, denial, manipulation~

As we are still clearing all traumas around all seedings of Christic children and their true parents, and all genocides in all timelines of their history, and as we are passing step by step leaving deth vampiric webbings and connecting to life, we are passing through didferent types of distortions as the cause and/or effect of these, as well we can meet with agressions from those beings which were parasiting on us.

This has to do now with clearing of timelines of Canibalism, Jahweh and Jehova concepts, blood sacrifices and satanic rituals, black magic rituals, masacres, of Christic beings and how these terminated to be enslaved and engaged within vanpiric webbing system against their will as the source of nutrition of their violators.

With this comes all kind of addictions, all linked to past insatiable thirst of blood, Christic flash, sexual addictions on dead sexual energy webbing etc. All this is about nutrition of death vampiric culture, and patriarcal – anti-true divine feminine and anti christic children society, when by patriarcal I mean both, men & women violating true feminine within and outside – christic women and children.

Addictions always come from unheald traumas which had been avoided and burried deep inside of the individuum, which creates inner walls of ego which separate it from Unity, God, its own essence and path. It is responsibility if the individuum to acknowledge addictions, when person doesnt need to be now necessarily visibly addicted on whatever (alcohol, sex, food, work, drama creating), but it can be also on more invisible level like addiction on low dense frequencies, death supporting webbings and activities – draining parasiting energy of others, although this normally manifests into all kind of parasitic behaviours (mentioned below).

So now as we have mixed hibridized DNA since then (through violations etc.) Now, depending on who you are, your level of consciousness and DNA, we can now be clearing both – trauma of these events and ansestral herritage of these aspects ~ addictions -> denial, victim mentality and behaviours, blaming others and especially Mother Father God, Christic beings (“how God allows this or that”), manipulation, sel-pity, lies, looking for “salvador”, malice, (self) deception behaviour -> changing from working for God to work against God, and with Devil.

I recommend these days mantra from Lisa Rene: I am God, I am Sovereign, I am Free. And another mantra declaration: “I work only for true Mother Father” – knowing how God is, choosing life, love, God – your true You. Humility, Sincerity with oneself.

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