Heiii Sophias! :) Feeling Andromedan vibes today? :)

Woooow women.. it’s beutiful isn’t it? Just wanted to share this with you, when today I have connected to Andromeda, my 5D home.. I see there are still clearings around Divine Feminine archetypes (light, dark – previous article about solar and lunar feminine, Lilith etc.), also around Tripple Goddess formation, restoring Divine Feminine blueprints and powers of each archetype also, relationships between feminine & masculine (also light&dark) and it’s history – unveiling truth about major historical events and why abundance here “finished” like this etc. Especially Daughter codes, which I feel is daughter of Jesus Sarah, are helping us with all these decodings of light and dark, balancing polarities Macs. Fem. within, as in her there is only Unity, restoring original blueprints = dna, personal and planetary grids, creating huge with Unitary elements and elementals, re-enscription of the same distorted ones, elevating dark matter and bringing us here Double Diamond Sun body. She is turquoise and blue and also emerald ray as she was Oraphim here in this Uni. I love her and working with here as she said since always 🙂 So that’s it! Hope you can feel and enjoy! Big hugs to all daughter Sophias and who like to enjoy!! 💙🌱☉

#sarahdaughterofjesus #sarahijadejesus #mothergod #madredivina #femininodivino #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #unity #unitconscioisness #sacredtrinity #sophia #mothersophia #daughtersophia #divinesophia #andromeda #ascension #awakening #god #oneness #newearth #newparadigm #5d

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