Double Diamond Sun Body Activation.

Hi all, so with the last Solar Eclipse cames DIAMOND SUN BODY and DOUBLE DIAMOND SUN BODIES activation yeeeey!!! 🙂 ~ within those who are prepared, and will be accesible for all when ready since now, as the vibration of the planet goes higher as she & we as humans are passing through massive asscension changes now, which has all to do with changing death supporting systems (planet and our bodies (both physical and light) to natural eternal life and immortality supporting divine functioning, which means we are embodying Christos (now since autum the Soul level) which brings and means Energetic Sovereignty, recovering our divine blueprints and DNA up.

Now, like exactly THIS is the main reason of malfunctioning of this Uni (death supporting system) and this is the reason why we are all here now ~ to return Christ and so the Eternal Life here, which means that this will take like 1000 years or so from now of step by step disconnecting from (anticristic) death and reconnecting to life, as this can not be done just in a while, as our current energetic system doesn’t support this and because of course it goes hand in hand with our inner shadow work, remembering, reclaiming, choosing to work every day only for the true Father Mother God, choosing sovereignty, changing out attitudes etc.

So since before December (winter solstice), we are upgrading our DNA, changing planetary and personal Grid work (gridworkers should noticed increasing work lately) in co-creation with new unitary elemental realm, embodying especially our Soul levels since Autumn, now activating our (Double) Diamond Sun bodies, huge HIGHER HEART opening etc. and so GETTING READY step by step for a New level of Embodiment, Alignement and so for EXPRESSION and CREATION WITHIN DIVINE CHRISTIC ORDER – living our lives in absolutely NEW WAY – EMBODIED AND TRULY ALIVE.

It is about our daily life, little things, as well as aligning the outer with the New consciousness we are receiving (job, friends, etc. – big things 🙂 all in its divine timing), processing all fears that are popping up these days a lot especially around being fully who you are and your expression here as if you have been ORAPHIM in your past lives, you probably would have trauma around thar, so it is as well about recovering COURAGE, SELF ESTEEM, sensation of FREEDOM, rebuilding SELF CARE which is essential also if you want to be in SERVICE TO OTHERS, and learning LAWS OF SACRED BOUNDARIES how to establish and maintain them during the day in all senses, as this is essential as we are connecting to LIFE AGAIN, this becomes more important as these weeks we were noticing various ASTRAL AND OTHER ATTACKS, not saying it to be afraid, but to be conscious of it and to take SPECIAL CARE of your BOUNDARIES – also through your thoughts, attitudes, declaring your service and your relationship to God, knowing how true Mother Father God is, preventing manipulations etc.

Embodying (Double) DIAMOND SUN BODY has to do with very high level of shadow work, commitment and honouring your processes and implementing the new in your life, in HOW YOU *LIVE* YOUR LIFE, how you *see* the life and you, etc. It is about *BEINGNESS* in the very first place.

So naturally all the shadow work since before December solstice has all to do all with ORAPHIM & CHRISTIC BEINGS AND PROCESSING IT’S HISTORY – which is logical as we are starting this embodying process of Christic bodies, we REMEMBER and LEARN from our PAST experiences and need to see and fully process them, gain NEW INSIGHTS ABOUT OUR PERSONAL AND UNIVERSAL HISTORY, so WE CAN SEE HOW THIS WAS INFLUENCING US IN THIS LIFETIME. So, Let the Truth to be seen, lets open fully our beutiful Hearts, MUCH MUCH LOVE, Petra

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