Happy Imbolc eve today!

❄Happy Imbolc eve today! 🌸 Imbolc is the midpoint between winter solstice and spring equinox when we can see the first signs of new sprouting life, 🌱❄ sometimes seen as the start of Spring. Is the celebration of the eternal flame of life 🔥of the sacred 💙 of the mother Earth. The 1st of February is also known as the Brigid’s day, which is one of the archetypes of the Snow White (yesterday’s post), so we celebrate this spirit of renewal present in all of us, our new beginnings when we are igniting our own inner light. Imbolc is the season of celebrating the nurturing mother, her warmth, pure heart, creation of life, fertility, abundance and protection, building strong foundation of sacred boundaries. It is time of being pregnant with new ideas. May everyone find its own blessings and abundance in its own unique path. ❄🌸🌼

This photo credit to: Anna Kiselova

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