Snow White and the Blue Blood Full Moon Eclipse Gateway (in Lion).

This full moon eclipse is both – culmination point of what has started weeks ago and gateway – new iniciation. Both are around themes of Divine Mother, Reversal Dark mother, life and death, creation. Specifically it is about the Snow White and about the Ice Queen – which breakdown day is today (31.1.2018), bringing more clarity and new codes into this concept during this gateway, as we are getting closer to winter/spring season change – Snowwhites part of the year. I spoke about the dark feminine clearings in one of the last posts, which is about what is going on this full moon eclipse gateway. Besides that, Ice Queen represents artificial death and vampirism promoting archetype, which means anti-life force with the intention to eliminate the true, life giving divine mother (Snow White archetype) as well as to make her invisible, not perceptible or recognizable for others – as she, the icequeen, wanted to be the most beautiful and most..everything women of the Earth. Here comes the issue of envy, comparison, prevalent self image – narcistic outer focus, which goes hand in hand with low self esteem, feeling less than the other and COMPETITION which is so well felt and seen during this last week. On the other hand there is Snow White with her pure blood (Christic blood line) which comes to restore the life force here, she is the life itself. I see her as the very first SPRING force, when first flowers sprout out from the still frozen Earth. I percieve her incredible connection to all life forms, she is the pumping heart of the Earth, the wonderful creative force which materialize all antimatter into existance, when she itself incarnate fully from antimatter to matter. She is the link between the ANTIMATTER and the MATTER, she make things manifest, she ANIMATES LIFE in everything, and so she is also a great PROTECTOR against evil spirits etc, as the life requires absolute SACRED BOUNDARIES. I see this full moon as a step to the spring of our new earth reality creation. So many new unity fairies and elementals come here to the Earth these days. They are her extension which make the antimatter become the matter – the nature, the flowers, animals, human beings. She-They care about that all that is, needs to be the exact reflextion of the antimatter, the law of one universe – so they work much with global and personal blueprints reescriptions also. So, this full moon is about you becoming the true expression of who you are Originally, which is at the first place sovereign (life autogenerating and flowing) Christic being, which create more life in everything he/she do and touches. True expression comes from the pure heart, pure intention, child happiness, expressing naturally your own divine essence, like when an innocent child is playing. True creation comes from in->out, not upside down (comparison, envy, steeling ideas, copying others..). One must connect with ITS OWN ESSENCE which, if it is not in the flesh yet, it always needs to be on SUBATOMIC LEVEL. God – the eternal life, as well as your uniqueness – personal blueprint – your map is there. Go as deep as necessary to connect and activate it within you, to bring it out to the surface to become part of your life, as that first snow flower sprout out from the snowy earth. You have all power to do so. This very physical EMBODYING through which we all are going now means embodying your personal antimatter to a matter – especially now your soul matrix into your body, and this little but powerful mentioned exercise can help a lot with it, and many times it is more powerful than connecting “to something above”. Listen to this sacred space within you the most, and your body wisdom now, more than to some spiritual teachers outthere. Listen to YOU and YOU now most. The absolute inner, is where true you – God resides and where it all starts. And after that – go consciously ALIGNING: 1.YOU (emotions, mind, physical body – huuuge letting goes needed especially on emotional and mental levels), and 2. EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE according to what you felt there in that profound space of you – actions, behaviours, job, house, relationships.. Align, align, align. Connect with YOUR OWN ESSENCE in that deepest unknown space of you, because the true magic is there. -> Creative energy and ideas can come to you now as the natural result of this process, make you a space for the highest and purest expression of you as possible whenever during the day possible and also to finally occupy your exact place you have in this great cosmic orchestra. Joyful signing heart to all!!

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