Pulse of Life.

Since 21.12 and 1.1.2018 we, as humanity, have started a longer journey from death to life supporting (unitary, Christic, soverereign) functioning. This brings a lot of work around the Earth grids and portals, blueprints reescriptions through our dear unitary guardians, gate keepers, Aurora and law of one fairy entities. 👑 The same is occurring with all our bodies (physical included), so the life force can be autogenerated, start to flow, without being deflected and drained to others. Activation of the pulse of the Life of the Earth – which is her true original divine purpose – is being done now through the liberation (of technology, artificial conduits which served to draw out the energy of the Earth, parasites, etc.), activation and reconection of the Earth 💙 core with 5D Taras and Andromedan – universal one (of the Motger God) 💙💎. Also all soul fractals of Tara which were trapped here are being re-united and re-integrated within her finally. This is possible only after the reconnection between our 3D world and the Divine Mother (finally) in December solstice through the new Bridge between the 3D Earth and her soul 5D Earth – Tara. And again – so it we humans do – reconnecting and embodying our soul (soul matrix – 4, 5 and 6D) as Earth does, through the alignment between all parts and subtle bodies of us. The Earth, Tara, and we humans are made up from her body – we are the divine life force pumping heart. We, humans of the Earth, are the Life itself. This is our specific original Divine purpose.👫👫👫👫🌍💙

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