May your heart be open enough and ego free to perceive the true Divine Mother God, listen to her-our story and receive her love and blessings.

Clearing Dark mother archetype. It is popular to think about dark mother as a black polarity of the white one, which “exists in order to maintain the balance” especially within the circles of witchcraft. But the hidden part of the story is, that the dark mother (feminine) as well as dark masculine archetype (false mother and father) were created by dark beings in order to maintain enslavement and for many other dark purposes. So take a look to who you are praying for. Discerning between our true and false parents its a huge and important part of the ascension process. As more codes are being downloaded to the Earth, more decodifications and unveilings can be done, as more information about ours and Earth’s true history is coming into our consciousness. This remembering of our history *personal, as humanity, and of the planet Earth* – is the key in ascension process. There is no coincidence that these historical memories has been purposely hidden in many ways (alien technology included). The main reason why dark beings did this was (as almost always) “the food”. It was a dark anti unity plan to maintain humanity in rage against all – mother, father, daughter-son God – the Sacred Trinity – incarnate here many times through our eaons old history, in order to maintain anti-christic, vampiric, death and artificial separation supporting realities – webs, structures and mechanisms. Willingness to see the true and your choice is everything. We are passing through huge changes at many levels now, slowly passing from death to life supporting functioning. Major focus here is the inner one, to UNIFY at all levels – one with its soul, and also between twinflames – all through aligning all parts of us in our daily lives into NEW EARTH’S LIFE SUPPORTING EVERYTHING, following the LAW OF ONE. 💗💛💙

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