The World Split and the End of Parasitism.

Since the solstice 21.12 – as the Threefold flame code – Trinity code was received and activated on Earth after so many thousands years ago, and so everything is going through huge reconfigurations in order to function under these NEW LAWS which TRINITY of God brings – passing from vampiric functioning (death supporting) = BI-WAVE (Artificial Duality) and ARTIFICIAL SEPARATION from the Sacred Trinity and God -> to reconnecting to the ETERNAL SOURCE OF LIFE, INDIVIDUAL SELF GENERATED ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY functioning in New 5D frequency as Christic beings. This means that this SEPARATION BETWEEN 2 REALITIES continues (after solstice) – 1 reality – ARTIFICIAL DEATH AND VAMPIRISM SUPPORTING STRUCTURES (closed, FINITE source) and 2 reality – ORGANIC NATURAL CRISTIC ETERNAL LIFE FLOW SUPPORTING STRUCTURES (open, ETERNAL) – and it is occurring especially ON SUBATOMIC LEVEL (red ray) of our physical bodies and physical Earth body, as well as all subtle bodies – mental, emotional, spiritual. This means that EVERYTHING what was part of this other life draining reality – ancient black magic, miasma, astral, other dimensional and intradimensional – physical, non physical, human, non human dark entities, conduits, ET technology which all were causing this (as the Earth was energetically drained for ex. through the alien technological cage etc. around the Earth and so human bodies which is being undone now) – THIS ALL IS LEAVING NOW – which means you can feel more of all this stuff popping up now – 12D shielding and general well-being care helps (of all your aspects). SUBATOMIC LEVEL is where our BLUEPRINTS are (and blueprints affect EVERYTHING), and these were distorted in order to go supporting this vampiric system and SEPARATION during so long. Now we are going through restauration of these our blueprints – clearing distortions and perversions of each of 12 ORIGINAL TRIBES all ACHETYPES with corresponding ANIMAL divine BLUEPRINT of each of of the tribes. We are clearing so the ORIGINS OF VAMPIRISM AND CANNIBALISM – THROUGH FAMILY DNA LINEAGES NOW. It’s not just the question avout “Life and death”, but Crtistic and Anticristic – ORGANIC AND ARTIFICIAL existence, beings,GENERAL FUNCTIONING. It is between service to self (which needs outer source of food) and service to others groups of beings which are SELF GENERATING ETERNAL LIFE FORCE SOVEREIGN BEINGS. Laws of Unity through sacred Trinity are being applied on Earth and this all is possible because of US – OUR DECISION AND DECISION OF EARTH TO LET GO OF VAMPIRIC STRUCTURES, PARASITISM AND RESTART THE ETERNAL LIFE FORCE PULSE – WHICH IS THE ORIGINAL EARTH AND EARTHLY HUMANS PURPOSE, THE EARTH AND US ARE THE LIFE PULSE HEART OF THIS UNIVERSE (heart as a part of the body of this Uni). Now with this a lot of inner work for ex. in terms of DNA reconfiguration within us – cleaning all family patterns around abundance, money, survival, parasitism and ORIGINS of parasitism – thoughts, emotions, spiritual factors, physical body changes – THROUGH CONSCIOUS RECOGNITION OF THEM, AND DESICION OF SEING THE TRUTH AND APPLYING NEW CONSCIOUSNESS IN YOUR LIFE. It is only through this change which is occuring now how we finally can INCARNATE OUR SOUL and SPIRIT WITHIN US fully (till now it wasnt possible due to these vampiric alien technologies and structures and Antient DNA mixing etc.- ALL was functioning in therms of this. So huge ALIGNING WITH YOUR SOUL AND SPIRIT NEEDED. In therms of money – people should more ask for seeing clearly their purposes and true passiions to be discovered and fulfilled and so money will come to support them in this journey more easily now as till now the energetic structure of flow of the life force and so of money was such more oriented towards those of service to self (people) and NOW THIS IS CHANGING. Also New “kundalini” is being activated – all within those who decide so. Blessings are upon us 💗💛💙

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