12 Tribes, archetypes, blueprints, DNA reconfiguration.

Regarding to previous article: “SUBATOMIC LEVEL is where our BLUEPRINTS are (and blueprints affect EVERYTHING), and these were distorted in order to go supporting this vampiric system and SEPARATION during so long. Now we are going through restauration of these our blueprints – clearing distortions and perversions of each of 12 ORIGINAL TRIBES – all ARCHETYPES with corresponding ANIMAL divine BLUEPRINT of each of of the tribes. We are clearing so the ORIGINS OF VAMPIRISM AND CANNIBALISM – THROUGH FAMILY DNA LINEAGES NOW.” đź’— WHY THE BLUEPRINT IS SO IMPORTANT? Blueprint is the divine arquitecture of 12 original values of God in macrocosmos and 12 dimensions which is reflected to personal blueprints of microcosmos. The blueprint architecture forms the DNA structure and the time and space lines. And the DNA structure is the basis which is reflected to holographic to FORM (Form as the holographic reflection of it). It determines laws of time and space and who we are – if we are the reflection of Gods attributes and so if we can fullfil our divine purpose. Blueprint affects the form. Blueprints exists on our subatomic levels – red sacred ray (which was distorted). Now the 12 tribes were created in order to heal the divine blueprint and so DNA groups from its genetic hybridization damage caused during last wars against Christic beings (72000 years ago approx.) KABBALAH tree of 10D blueprint code is the distorted genetic blueprint of regressive shadow lineages – Black tree of life – which is the reversal of The original 12D Tree of life of 12 dimensional body – 12 strand DNA of the Christic Diamond Sun Body – Krystal star silicate matrix, which connects us to the divine Trinity and so to the source of eternal life – to be able to flow and auto generate life force, which means Christic sovereignty – the end of vampirism. The 10D distorted Kabbalah tree is designed to reverse and drain life force out of the Earth and human body, is the artificial configuration build by negative aliens through artificial technology, and how these aliens became not able to autogenerate their life force energy is part of these DNA familiar lineages clearing now.

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