First Full Moon 2018 and How to handle the New Reality.

So how are you doing after winter solstice portal happenings? The difference after separation between both dimensions (3D and 5D) is definitely noticible, ones can emit its own high frequency more easily and the sustainability of it is each week a bit more easier, as the Mother God frequencies begun to come and anchor to the Earth and our bodies after thousands years ago *as she was artificially separated from us and this planet*. We can start to remember her, as well as our true Father and Child God, the Sacred Trinity more easier. This full moon is about remembering and reconnecting to our True Home and true Holy Family, which is the Sacred Trinity *inner and outer. Is also about the reconnection between the three of them *mother, father, child*, as these principles were artificially separated between them in order to maintain energetic vampirism and so to prevent the energetic Sovereignty, the direct connection to the ETERNAL love, light, LIFE FORCE, which can be accessed only through the Inner SACRED UNION between ALL three aspects within and without. Now is the time to listen, remember and reconnect with them within, as you are them, in the place of your centre, they are the guide to Oneness reality. Not forcing anything, more than that just having an intention of it and just relaxing into that and following this feeling during the day. Opening up to renew this well known Unity Home Family perception and connection, openning to the new inner memories and thruths about them *our true parents – Mother, Father, Child God* – how they truly are, which can be accessed more easier within us now (after winter solstice), and so we can remember, how it is to live in their – Gods kingdom, our true home, how everything functions there, under what laws.. this goes hand in hand with remembering YOUR OWN ORIGINAL SPECIAL AND UNIQUE BLUEPRINT AND SO THE ROLE. This is how we can start later to create – on this firm base – our new lives, our new reality this year 2018, as this is done through the application of these new insides in our hearts and our lives. If there are days that things go difficult and we feel trapped in the old reality and behaviors again, sometimes it can be so simple and quick as just to STOP behaving like that, changing your mind instantaneously, don’t feeling guilty about that, and maybe within minutes you should start feeling better and again on the track with New Earths reality and frequencies. It maybe needs a bit of your own experiencing of how to surf in this new situation after solstice. If you dont know whats going on, dont think too much, try to relax and just look for and follow your true inner feeling about the situation, or just relax your body somehow – movement, dancing, singing.. 🙂 And because there is so much going on with this profound beginning of the reconnection with God source *which couldn’t be made till now on this level*, it is possible that if there are any issues *yours (ego, fears, guilt etc. of this reconnection) or technical (technology, fractalization, etc.)*, they are popping out now strongly and so huge letting goes as well as openings to the new way of living from inside out are needed to be done. A lot of inner loyalty, commitment, honesty and courage are needed. For those who are very SENSITIVE (as we are), any kind of being out of alignment – in thoughts, emotions, actions – just can feel very uncomfortable instantaneously, even if the issue is unconscious – and so I feel is about the month of January – ALIGNING ALL PARTS OF US with our souls, our spirits, with your uniqueness HERE. In terms of sensibility, is also important to distinguish between your frequency and agenda, and those of others, is good to remeber who you are and maintain that instead of dealing with every kind of untrue projection about you (which you may receive from others), and processing others stuff thinking it is yours, just remember who you are and again – MAINTAIN IT – of course only IF THIS IS YOUR CASE, as there are also many people which will go through processing all kind of issues they have around relationship with the Sacred Trinity, God, and abundance (including karma work and past lives clearings). The switching between both realities is extra quick now, but if it is not, be loving and patient with you, have faith it is because you are passing through greater changes at many levels. Everything is ok in every moment, it doesn’t matter how do you feel and what you are going through in your life now. 🦋

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