Welcoming the Inner Christ. 21.12.2017.

Welcoming the Christ, inner Christ – 21.12.2017. Yesterday it was such a special day, receiving this new Christ DNA activating frequency, which if you wish, can activate the memories and the beginning of the restoration of Orginal human Unity = Christ being DNA template, the golden God Child (Golden Ray, 14th dimension, Bird tribe – bird dna) which is one ray of the threefold flame. Sacred trinity flames, mother (13D), child (14D) and father (15D) are 3 different sounds of God yet every one if them is Unity, but they need to merge between them, only so is possible to connect to the eternal source of light and life, which means the end of vampirism and return to Original angelic human being, which Christ Unity child represents. What happened here is that on Earth these three parts were artificially separated and maintained for so long so through alien technology etc., all in order to prevent unity, the return to heavenly home, people’s energetic sovereignty, and so maintain vampirism. Now collective seeing this and healing, restoring these connections. Yesterday I felt it was like Christ – and inner Christ reborn, the beginning on our way to absolute energetic sovereignty – abundance, Trinity – sacred family – Unity surprise. (also info in previous posts). Love, peace and blessings to all. 💕🌞🍀🎄🤗💕

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