Happy Winter Solstice portal crossing!!! 21.12.2017

3D – 5D Earth reality, from now progressively we should be able to SUSTAIN, hold and ANCHOR such more easily high frequencies and not being affected by lower vibration (previous post). One pillar of this portal is silver (ray) and another is golden (ray) – (divine mother – feminine holding energy, divine father, masculine – activating energy, both distortion free) and so they merge between them – there is the upper connection, the bridge between them, which create this portal. Once merged they are one, and create the Christos – Christic Unity Being, Holy sons and daughters, and so this sacred trinity is like a one shining sun which generates a rainbow.🌈 INNER balance and peace creates Unity (Christos) and Unity (Christic being) connects directly to God living eternal light and life force – and so this means the end of vampirism. Yaaayyy!! 🎉🎉🎉 The INNER is important here these days, especially now with the Christmas rush.. Follow very heavenly home sensation, inner focus, grounding, SPACE clearing, “everything is ok” energy, enjoy life right now, you don’t need anything and anyone to do that.. Your blessings are upon You.. 💕💕💕 So happy inner Christ – maesse (missa, celebration). 🎉🎄🌞

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