3.12.2017 Full Moon – 21.12.2017 Winter Solstice

Rainbow Gateway – stronger polarization in order to see, feel clearly and DECIDE between two worlds – the old 3D and the new 5D paradigm of the Earth – these two were coexisting since 2012 and so we were switching between both, now taking another step to anchor the new 5D and since the culmination point (21.12) it should be more easier for lightworkers energetically – to anchor and MAINTAIN their own 5D (or more) frequency even when crossing to 3D in order to assist, help etc. Issues popping out these days: RELATIONSHIPS – huge changes, NEW UNITARY RELATIONSHIPS – which before were maintained artificially separated – these barriers are dropping down, but necessary to SEE THE TRUTH about people which you have in your life, be willing to perceive NEW PERSPECTIVES.. New peoole can come which you “for some reason” wasnt seeing before, and are SIMILAR TO YOU; lightworkers, so MORE COCREATION, SUPPORT etc. Now leaving old paradigm doesnt mean not participating in events (politics, etc), but maintaining your vibration, doing things as your higher self would do it, etc.. Then, in general there is like a huge frequencial flow to make also the sleepers see the truth and things more clearly. Old paradigm, old thought patterns, behaviours just FEEL SO BAD especially for those lightworkers which – even if because of past traumas (or other reasons as DNA etc..) live some kind of unconscious resistances – so now due to this discomfort – is better to choose the new 🙂 so catch this opportUNITY and release all old fears, perspectives, stereotypes.. align more with who you are and your gifts – what are you doing here, have courage to connect with your sacred powers and to discover and follow your passions. Confusion is also very present. Observe, go in.. MAINTAIN YOUR SACRED SPACE THESE DAYS – AURA, HOUSE, check out these when meeting or inviting people to your house. Sacred space is Unity, is new paradigm as well as the SELFCARE and general WELLBEING. Follow new ways to abundance which are absolutely self respectful, playful and loving, change these habits around “achieving abundance” or whatever – checkout these behaviours which are “in order to” like. Follow the sensation of HOME. Another program I see is – “I am not prepared enough” or “I need to fix this or that before..” – before what – crossing the rainbow bridge, to go home. You are prepared right now and always. Open up to receive, to give, to FEEL and exist the new reality, your true home.

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