I trust that the Divine functions here.

Happy Samhain full moon in Taurus! Another important antimatter matter merging point which leads to sewing the seed of Zero point in more 3D level. As during this year the New Earth Matrix was anchored in order to come and anchor the Zero Point, the divine anthropos – Christ Avatar 12D being – Original Divine Sovereign Human Being – this is happening since September till December step by step in different realms and levels. And as we know, this Zero Point – Christ being (which is both – human and body template) means sovereignty at all levels, energetic included. Now this can cause to pop up all kind of survival fears, as implementing the Divine Laws and Divine Order here, so the New Unitary Earth – Human Matrix functioning is changing and so does the Life force flow. All this is done through the sacred Trinity – Unity which they are and create – through the Zero Point anchoring here – step by step till December (included – mayor part). This is referring not only to Christ (Trinity-Unity) beings incarnated here, but through all people who desire and so connect with its own Trinity and Unity – it’s ZERO POINT WITHIN, which resides in all of us. Yet, this brings up all unconscious fears and blockages we have towards God – all what is between we and God, as it is starting to manifest and merge with the form. Do we trust God? Do we trust the Divine Laws are and will function fully here? Divine Abundance.. – Divine Father, Divine Mother. Do we need to process some guilt towards God and Sacred Trinity from past lives? God was always here. How we did treat these beings? How we did treat God within us? Do we trust Gods process of creation? Do you trust your own? Why if it was always incarnating here, why this experience of this Universe was as it was? In some level WE KNOW THE ANSWERS. Just need to look at it and process – especially FEARS and guilts – responsibilities during all month of November. Courage, honesty, forgiveness and.. the greatest medicine for all of these – GRATITUDE. These times can be challenging, but it is upon to us to see the GIFT in them. Humility. Surrendering. Connecting with your ZERO POINT all day and every day. This is preparing us to activate within the creation of Unity, creation within Divine laws and order, trust God and ourselves as the CREATORS of our new reality, as at the same time the New Earth Grid system is being connected into higher triad (part) of this Universe – the 4,5 and 6D which is Soul Matrix universe, it is where our Souls reside (in these 3 levels). Our Souls are incarnating here in new sovereign and unitary way – It descends and settle down into our 4. Charca – heart, as this is the first level where human and its soul connects. So huge heart opening is being done, which brings up sensation of vulnerability (fears) of such openness and connection, sense of home and unity right here and now between us, if we open our hearts, fears of full merge, unity with your soul, higher realms, God (=in) and so with your twinflame (=out). It is a shift to fully exist and create from our hearts, as only loving heart can create Life = Unity- Christic sovereign reality within and without. So the thirds charca artificial and our own blockages (ego), which were impeding this connection, are being disolved too. So there are basically 3 important points while connecting to the Soul Matrix and birthing Zero point here – 7th and higher charcas (heaven), the first and lower charcas (Earth connection) and in the middle Heart charca and the Divine Spark energy center which is between the 3. and 4.th charca. 12 D shielding are still very helpful in order to create this Unitary connection, anchoring and si sacred space around us and our home. Whole November connect to your Zero point, look for the sensation of HOME, that’s it. Happy full moon November full of open hearts, trust, playfulness and creativity!! Believe true divine magic can happen this month! ✨💓 🌎👫👫👫💕✨

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