What happenings in Catalonia means?

This is happening globally, and the fact that this is being reflected – DONE in Catalonia is not the coincidence. Anchoring the Unity, CHRIST ORIGINAL DIVINE HUMAN LIGHT BODY in 3D now, our phy. bodies (DNA matrix), Mother Earth and her new Unitary Matrix – comes step by step with all what the True Unity – anchored Christic state of being brings and is – SOVEREIGNTY IN ALL ITS SENSES. Energetic sovereignty means the end of mental and other manipulation, illusion, old matrix functioning, parasitism, vampirism not only on the energetic level which again – is the natural state of PROTECTION, WELLBEING and ABUNDANCE, when DIVINE LAWS, BOUNDARIES and the ORIGINAL DIVINE HUMAN ARQUITECTURE (12D) are being anchored if you decide so. This is what some call “the second return of the Christ”. We all are originally Christic Unity sovereign beings. This is our true nature. And as the inner always end up reflecting on the outer: this needs to manifest huge around money, success, flow of abundance in all its senses, etc. And so the TRUTH ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS is being seen – between people, between nations. I also see globally (planetary) a lot of ET mind manipulation and astral black magic intents to put more tension and fear into the situation as the intent of stopping this process of energetic and literal liberation, which are the last attempts to interrupt the way to Unity = sovereignty. I recommend to at least stay and act from your CENTER, with which can help you practicing 12D SHIELDING daily now more than before as it helps you exactly to anchor this new energetic 12D template into your body and Earth, to stay more stable and protected during this phase of progression. Self love, respect, compassion, inner child innocence and play, creativity, pure heart intention and joy, peace, calm, ZERO POINT state accompanied with aligned, centered and loving action. With love, Petra. 💓🐳☀️🕊

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