Anchoring the original human divine blueprint (12D).

Called also Christ Avatar Body – 12 dimensional being, highest manifestation of the original divine human blueprint. It is a state of being in the Unity = Christ consciousness – 12D DNA strand of Silicate Divine Matrix. It is embodied Christos. We were been preparing for this since summer events (eclipse) through whole September (Sacred Trinity- Unity codes, emerald ray gateway) and the culmination and activation point was on 23.9. and still runs. If we want to help this process of embodying Christos Avatar in our light bodies, we can do 12D Shielding – grounding it all to body and Earth. Those who were in their past lives 12 or more strands DNA beings, past memories are showing up lately. ✌🏻 Normally these are not very pleasant ✌🏻😔 as these beings were envied and enslaved multiple times, theirs DNA stolen and used for purposes of others (reptilians etc.), and so mixed races (light dark) were created. What is being done now is another phase of recovering pieces which are being returned to the rightful owners. 💓🕊With this We are recovering our original essence and si our original Divine purpose – as everybody who decides so. Christ Avatar has also to do with protection, abundance flow, and energetic sovereignty – as Unity is LIFE. Embodying this we are abandoning the death energetic structures and starting to construct the energetic sovereignty – LIFE supporting and creating natural divine matrix structures. (Article “What is Unity” and “Unity is Sovereignty.”) 

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