I know to use my sacred power for the highest good of all that is. I create Unity. I create Life.

Trust you as a creator. Trust your creative power within. It is your pure Spirit. Is loving, conscious, respectful and still powerful. Align with it, relax into it, there is no reason to force or push anything in order to manifest your dreams. Respect where and who you are right now. Respect the Divine timing. Trust things will come to you effortlessly if you have courage to listen, trust and follow your Spirits guidance. There is another important phase of changes in life force flow happening – we are moving from dualistic, vampiric, draining, death creating and destructive energetic web structure into the Unitary Life Creating Field Functioning in Energetic Sovereignty, as UNITY MEANS ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY. This is happening as we are merging our lunar and solar aspects & unifying with our higher selves, our Spirits. Survival kind of fears around material values, money and manifesting can appear, distrust of this new divine functioning of the flow of abundance as we were accustomed to get everything through fight, competition, forcing things and outer focus. Mind control can be used now around this themes. CREATE FROM INSIDE OUT. Go into your center – ZERO POINT, connect, anchor, breathe, RELAX. Trust in that you are sovereign and have your own connection to the limitless source of life, that is Oneness, trust in your inner knowing. ☀️ Related article: “Unity is sovereignty.” and “What is Unity.”

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