I see so much of trying too hard in this world and I was conscious of that since little 4 year old baby. Hard, hard, hard. Is it really necessary? Work more than 8 hours, everything just “in order to” achieve this or that.. not living the present, not living at all. And for what? God is simple and so it is the life. Even in terms of setting goals and try to achieve them – it’s ok, but.. too much of thinking we know exactly what we need, which is our place and who we are, and then too much of trying to achieve it – doing all this stuff of trying to control and fix everything – do we let same space for God, for destiny – for LIFE to find us? Maybe it is ok where you are now for some reason. I feel – don’t give up if your dream is your true song of your heart and it didn’t come yet, but don’t try too hard neither. And maybe sometimes surrendering to what is, is good for us to open that huge space for the universe to find you to effortlessly fulfill your destiny. Not always the battle is needed. Maybe you have done and tried it all already. So now just relax and Let the destiny to find you, unfold for you, and to show you – but this yes – with your eyes & heart open. 💙

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