I give up all control and open my heart to receive everything, you God want to give me.

Today’s 🌕 energies trigger deep emotional healings, connecting us back to our 💙 and what is truly important for us, what makes our 💙 FULL and COMPLETE. What makes it sing. Healing all in between and all of why nots. Receiving & opening to the TRUE DIVINE MOTHER. On the other side – energies of push, stress, forcing things, hard work, control, everything but not feeling and really connecting to the Mother God, & this feminine aspect within us. So.. good time for relax, play, self care.. breathe.. open.. surrender.. procesy FEARS of receiving, flowing, unifying with god, especially mothergod, face what comes up. Inner world. Listen to the answers you have within. BREAK THROUGH ILLUSIONS. 💙🌕💕

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