Solar Eclipse Unity Meditation with the Divine Trinity frequencies Activation on 21.8.2017.

Hi loves, me Petra & Josep have decided to run this UNITY – SACRED TRINITY ACTIVATION – meditation, as these are the frequencies of this Lion season 2017 of which this Solar Eclipse will be the culmination point (previous posts). WHEN: on Monday 21.8.2017 at 21:00 of CET (Madrid, Spain), in the presence of the Sacred Trinity (Threefold Flame) frequencies, which are at the same time the SACRED MARRIAGE (inner- within, outer-partner), TWINFLAME UNIFICATION facilitating frequencies. It will be done OFFLINE which means that me and Josep will be PRESENT there at that time, running this FREE GIFT activation (21-22:00). You don't need to advice us about your participation, the only thing to do is to tune in and set the intention of the Sacred Trinity and Unity Activation. PLACE: wherever you are (preferably silent place out of any disturbances). HOW LONG: for as long as you desire within that hour. So tune in, be as relaxed and receptive 💓 as possible, and enjoy!!! After that feel free to comment your experiences below. 💌 Donations are welcomed if you feel so. Happy to meet you ethericaly there! 🙂💑 IF YOU LIKE IT, 👍🏻 & SHARE! 💓☀️🐬

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