Mermaid Unity Energies.

Mer-maid, mer-man energies huge these weeks and now, as mermaid beings have so much to do with the frequencies which are entering here since the end of July till 27.8, as the sacred marriage between the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine is occurring now (inside us and out also), which is creating the third type of energy – the zero point, (precious posts), point of merge between the Antimatter (feminine) 💚 and Matter (masculine principle) 💗- Unity being which mermaid beings represent 🐬🐳 as it is a being which like in our stories, (which believe od not are based on true stories), can live in waters – antimatter, and she can also change her form (natural phenomenon for beings of the 4th and 5th dimension) in order to unite, merge with her man, her love on the land – the matter. We, many people have memories of mermaids and underwater life from Lemurian and Atlantean times, which can be coming into your consciousness now. It is so pleasurable tuning into these energies, which can be perceived as Home feeling, true holy parents feeling – of the Sacred Trinity. 🔱 ✅ 21.8 we will run the UNITY MEDITATION to celebrate the day when these Unity, Sacred Trinity energies will be in their culmination point. Time: 21.00-22:00 CET (Madrid time), whenever you are, just tune in. Details will be posted soon. 💕☺️🌊🌍. Picture credit to: unknown, please reclaim If necesary 💕🙏🏻☀️

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