Energetic update, Part 1: Sacred Trinity forming – merging between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine.

Energy update: Merging between divine feminine & divine masculine into the Sacred Marriage – called also Hierros Gamos, creating so Sacred Trinity, the third aspect of Unity Child. This is what the whole Lions Gate & Solar Eclipse bring. Birthing new paradigm within us through inner, and some also outer (twinflame) Unification processes leading towards this Sacred Marriage. This is occurring in so many levels now. I see the coming energy as emerald green for the whole season, which represents the feminine aspect – the Anti Matter coming here – finally. This couldn't be done till now never before as now is, as this antimatter, the Divine Mother was artificially separated from the Earth and many parts of this Uni. Now the antimatter comes here and merges with matter – the masculine principle and so they create the Zero point – Unity point – God point, the merging point between the matter and antimatter. (To see more go to the article "What is Unity", "What is the Threefold Flame"). This is causing is that all artificial Earth gris (created by neg. aliens) are being unplugged in so strong level now – we are being unplugged so from the old artificial matrix and so from the vampiric energetic system of conduits of Finite Energy, as it is through the state of inner UNITY as we reconnect to the INFINITE SOURCE OF ENERGY, God, Mother God. UNITY IS SOVEREIGNTY – is the Christic Unity Body Template which when fully embodied means TRUE ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY. This now is on the process. This affect a lot manifestation, health, abundance, and relationships can change also – as these old vampiric conduits are being disolved, maybe some friends are not more interested in to be your friend, or some old friends appears in order to gane the last portion of energy 🙂 – this is valid especially for those who are on this level of the unification process. This connection for which we were waiting for so so long, is here, it can be sensed, and it brings us memories, feelings about HOW GOD IS. HOW THE TRUE MOTHER GOD AND THE TRUE FATHER GOD ARE. Sensations of HOME. This connection is to your Higher Self also – you can feel better WHO YOU ARE and so align your life with who you are and your true calling. THIS IS THE TIME TO RECOGNIZE YOURSELF & make a commitment with YOU. 💚💖 To be continued. 💓

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