Energetic update, Part 2: Unplugging from the artificial matrix and RE-CONNECTING TO THE ORGANIC DIVINE MATRIX.

Part 2 of the Energy Update (previous post): This has much to do with reconfiguration of our DNA structure on the subatomic level (we are still working with the Red Sacred Ray as it is 1D subat. level etc. -> article Red S.R.). as our DNA works as the prolongation of the Earth Grids Webbings, which are passing through this huge transformation now (previous post). This is a FREEING PROCES of all ARTIFICIAL LIMITATIONS WHICH WERE PREVENTING US TO UNIFY POLARITIES, TO UNIFY WITH GOD, HIGHER SELF, WITH TWINFLAMES – and so break through Duality into UNITY and live the ENERGETIC SOVEREIGNTY – and this is done in both (DNA & GRIDS) & through the reconnection with the Antimatter – the Divine Mother (in & out), and the God Source – which brings also past memories about your personal and our true history as species, which was deliberately hidden from us. We can go remembering our past and also distinguish between the truth and the illusion more easily since now. How this affects in therms of our Materialization Capacities we have spoken in the Part 1, I would only add to it that this MANIFESTATION CAPACITIES, FLOW OF ABUNDANCE, and the VITAL ENERGY FLOW in general were huge influenced since so many thousands years till now through the old matrix – artificial Grids and DNA changes, but also through other aspects like neg. alien technologies, DNA hybridization & Soul fractalization & stealing, etc. – and this is what we are working on now. The same is valid in therms of once TRUE IMAGE – all untruths and FALSE MASKS ARE FALLING APART, not more sustainable here. Truth will be even more visible from now as the ORGANIC MATRIX is being re-paired, re-created (as it alreadyyonce existed & functioned in divine order and Unity) and it is being unplugged from the Artificial one, no more existing both in 1 place, the artificial parasiting on the organic, which makes the affectation of neg. aliens and their mental controlling technologies etc. much less effective – as Unity means Sovereignty in all levels, and has much to do with Grids, 12D strand DNA & subtle bodies templates recovering, personal & planetary. So let's see how this will be felt & lived, improved in time. More awakened people, more power & speed to do all this work. 💙

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