Lions gate activating-meditation

LION’S GATE Unity meditation-activation-celebration

“From the true divine Trinity everything comes alive in Unity and divine order, blissful creations can flourish everywhere”

Enjoy it and stay tuned! In order to have more detailed information about what you are about to feel and what you have been dealing with these last two weeks and still going on, soon will be available an article and energetic update about the energies of these days around the Lions Gate and more.

This precious gift, meditation, activation, reunion; is vibrating for you since last 8/8/17 and you can access it at any time when you decide to receive it. It’s not an mp3 recording 😉 although it is more like an etherical recording always available to download from the “spiritual cloud” 😉 so in order to get it, just “make your intention in deep commitment” and ask your Higher-Self to bring you the access to it, when you’ll be ready and in the peaceful and intimate place you need to enjoy and feel it.

Please share this gift as much as possible; it will be great for all to feel, no matter what the level of awareness or spirituality is. You can have a strong feeling of reunion with yourself and your spiritual family and with what is licitly yours, a feeling of rejoining or reuniting after a longtime period of unintentional and traumatic separation; so feelings of deep grief can arise.
You can feel at home “just where you are”, so this is possible only when you first face and feel what you truly are and what are your true family.
You can glimpse at a certain level, the truth about your real essence and value, your true Divine nature and individual identity within the Unity of Oneness.
You can get in contact with the true Divine Creative energy of the Trinity, that creates in divine order and from what all the life and beauty emerges in the harmony of Unity, from what all comes alive, so that all what’s then manifested in dimensionality will be free of the distortion and pain of duality.

Donations are very welcome at where more weekly code-activating meditations will be scheduled soon: Unity meditation, Unity twin flames support meditation. Stay tuned! 🙂

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