Welcome to the Lion’s Season! 

Hi guys, here is the calendar for this year Lion Season. 🦁 It starts today with the New Moon in Leo. It is great to center today into what you truly love, what your real passion is, what is really important for you in your life, and so start to set up intentions for the Whole New Planetary & Galactic Year that will start 26.7. ☀️ As we are passing through many clearings already now, it is recommendable to even before you write down your intentions, to center into your core, clear the space you are in and yourself from energies that aren’t yours, ground yourself and open your heart. Great tool for this is 5 minutes 12D shielding you can find on YouTube. Also is very helpful to be in the Present Moment, during the whole day, as it is the place where you are most powerful, and from where you can heal your past and also send good vibrations into your Future. “I am Sacred, I am Sovereign, I am Free. I am God.” Love and light for all, Petra 💛🦁☀️ 

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