1D – Anchoring the Spirit. ~ lifepath, blueprint, authenticity, survival fears, life force, stability,..~

So after more than month of 2D clearings, the1D clearings have started (approx. week ago)! What does this mean?

The 1D is connected and represents the 1.st CHAKRA, the EARTH CORE, the HUMAN EXISTENTIAL CORE here, SUBATOMIC LEVEL. The 1D is the greatest foundation of the human being, as this is the place where our spirit meets on the first level the physicality when we incarnating here into physical body and world, and so it creates his individual Tree of Life Template – the specific Spirits Blueprint, which is connected with the Planet Earths Tree of Life template, and so through the 1. Chakra flows us the life force energy, which is driven through all chakras, meridians and the whole physical body.

As Your Spirit imprints its holographic Blueprint in this 1D leyer, this determines you, your LIFE PATH, COMPLETION OF YOUR LIFE PURPOSE, level of your alignment with your soul and spirit.

1D also serves as a storage of all lifetime memories, so it is the 1. basic part of our unconscious – especially of traumas, pains, abuse etc. -> our SURVIVAL AND POVERTY FEARS, fears of not being respected and well threatened, of being attacked, of aggression, bullying, intimidation.. This unconscious fears can be causing DISCONNECTION BETWEEN YOUR SPIRIT AND YOU, BETWEEN THE PLANET EARTH AND YOU, BETWEEN THE SPIRITUAL AND MATERIAL WORLD IN GENERAL -> WHICH ALSO INFLUENCES THE NATURAL ATTRACTION AND MANIFESTATION.

This stored thought forms and traumatic experiences of not processed can also be causing the outer focus, autoestima build on outer circumstances like appearance etc, dependency on opinions of others, pleasing others, playing small, attending others first, or not sharing your gifts, VICTIMISM OR AGRESION, BEING EASILY MANIPULATED and blown down by others, huge INSECURITY, DEVIANCE FROM YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE PATH, FULFILLING YOUR LIFE PURPOSE.

1D and 1.st Chacra are like a FUNDACIONAL FIRST ROCK of a house, it needs to be STRONG as everything above depends on it – our all subtle bodies hang on them, so we need to become conscious of our subcon. fears, process them, clear up our past lives experiences, take positive attitudes and re-stablish our strong basis, our roots.

It is also a reflection of our (or our bodies) TRUST AND CONFIDENCE WE HAVE TOWARDS FATHER GOD IN THERMS OF BASIC SECURITY AND PROTECTION, so our fears can tell us how this was influenced by our dimensional experiences with the “false father” represented here by patriarchy, the system, et manipulations and dominions, false fear programming also etc. etc…

So now we are reviewing all these issues and anchoring the new paradigm – through re-anchoring our Spirits in absolutely new way right here – THE SPIRIT BLUEPRINT IS BEING RE-IMPRINTED AGAIN in better way as it was not possible to do this spirit-human connection on this level before, due to general and energetic conditions of duality and neg. et technologies etc. till now, so I feel this has to do with leaving Duality functioning on deepest levels and bringing through and anchoring the new SACRED TRINITY & UNITY functioning and kundalini flow now.

So your Blueprint – which is normally imprinted once in life before birth, is now re-imprinted again in order to make better your connection and integration of your higher spirit as a specific expression of God you are, and get you better on the track and alignment with your soul – to EMBODY IT & TO LIVE IT – TO LIVE WHO YOU ARE. So yes! That’s it! Important things are happening, this is shaking our roots into our Whole New Way of Icarnating, Embodying & Existing Here.. 

Child innocence, love and play help a LOT. Also being in the center of tornado 🙂 in your CORE… Do things from In -> Out. Process your fears, or do some of our sessions with us, acknowledge your fears but don’t believe every fear or fearful situation or message as real, see behind the curtain if necessary, there can be false intentions of manipulations there also- especially mind, media – TV.. More love, play, FLOW – breathe!, and joy.. When you shift to flowing, breathing, easiness of things, inocence, playfulness, gratitude, inner peace, trust and confidence, abundance and manifestation flows much better 😉 also the word “Divine Timing” comes to me. This is challenging time for our bodies also, as these changes are happening on subatomic level, re-doing our life force flow etc. so have pariente with you and all. “Everything is Ok.” ❤

Many blessings ❤

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