The most important relationship is that one you have with YOU & GOD.

That’s the Energy Update. Relationships in the air.. UNIFICATION between you and your HIGHEST SPIRIT in 2D level – we are so preparing the land for anchoring THE NEW, UNITY here on Earth in this level finally, it is very physical. Also TWINFLAME UNIFICATIONS AND REENCOUNTERS happening now – opening in such profound level now between them, the same between SOUL & MONADIC GROUPS of people, and between people as a human speacies also. What this brings out is obviously everything what’s in the way of unification, old past hurts, traumas, fears, dependencies, traditions and habits, huge susceptibility to REJECTION & NOT BE SEEN BY OTHERS – popping out all what inhibits the CONNECTION ON GREATER LEVEL TO OCCUR. Very unconscious stuff is and will be coming out next weeks. On the other hand for some beings, as us personally also, are unifying with their own soul fractals, subtle body parts etc., which once were broken to pieces by others, technology etc, stolen and used by neg. alien agenda and stored in 2D and Cristal memories also (previous articles about 2D). This is like going recovering parts of yourself, your gifts, your essences of who you especially are, and clearing them from entities and people which were using them – other personalities attachments can occur more extremely now – other people energy & behaviors.. This is more valid for some of indigo and unity beings which had been here for a while in this Uni :).. But generally – in one hand all this is about opening to more CONNECTION & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE & UNITY, which may feel vulnerable – but in reality it is not so, and on the other – Too much Ego, narcissism, emotional pain, and also OTHER PEOPLE OPINIONS which we heard – around these themes and around your ESSENCE – critiques about your Essential Expression of who you are – as merging between You and your Highest Spirit occurring now – and so you are going to SHINE SO BRIGHTER!!! 😍☀️💕Medicine – compassion, focus on love, also believe in yourself, trust your intuition, your highest spirits whispering, your true individuality and specific expression, bring child innocence and playfulness into that, ABSOLUTELY INNER FOCUS, CONNECT DEEP WITH YOUR OWN HEART AND ESSENCE, reestablish YOUR OWN RELATIONSHIP YOU HAVE TO YOU AND GOD, YOUR HIGHEST SPIRIT. Process fears. 💓🐬☀️ Love, Petra & Josep

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