What is there in the UNDERGROUND, wanted to be seen?

2D clearings continue.. All its content – all what was separated, fractalized, lost and trapped there as fragments of souls, bodies, mommies, painful crystalized memories, pain of this fractalization and separation also – both – natural (because of pain experiences) or artificial (by ET techniques) – all is being reconnected back and merged with our 3D bodies and with all their – ours higher dimensions.

Unification after thousands of years is occurring now with 2D – if we are able to look there and see what is there in the underground and how all this happened.

This was a consequence of anti-unity war then, which purpose was to separate what once was already in divine union. It is about Divine Mother, Divine Father and Divine Child – The Sacred Trinity – Unity beings which once have been here to help to bring Unity into this Universe, and this intent was artificially interrupted by negative forces for several times.

They – the Sacred Trinity are the creators of Antrophos – God manifested. They are primordial sounds of God which gives life and birth God Human. They came here to this universe, to the physical and to the Earth to help to manifest this thousands years ago, to anchor this God Human template architecture here, through which would be possible to do the same for everyone, which would bring energetic sovereignty and freedom for everyone – which is what Unity is. Home.

But this idea was not very welcomed in those times especially by neg. alien agenda, and as they influenced some part of the light workers too through black magic and technology, some of them positioned themselves against unity too, egos and distortion won. And so this process was ruthlessly interrupted, when they (S. Trinity) were attacked and separated artificially, fragmented into many parts – of their bodies, their souls and their essences, which after that were stolen, trapped in many levels, (and also in 2D which we are clearing now), and used for their purposes – as a divine power instruments and weapons for their negative agenda, to gain power over others, as well as to gain life force from them, etc. They used their DNA, used them to birth their children – hybrids, and they also cloned, programmed and disconnected them artificially.

I know this is so heavy, because it is how Divine Trinity was treated here. Consciously or not, we are now facing this. Without facing the truth, no matter how heavy it is, no healing, reconciliation, liberation and unification can ocurre. And they are here with us, the Sacred Trinity. Can you feel them? They want to be friends, want to share and create the new paradigm with you – to give and receive in harmony and sacredness with you, to become one again, doesn’t matter what happened.

But to create Unity there must be two parts coming together, and to come together we need to welcome our shadows first, clean up all stuff we have towards them, and all what separates us from them and God, from your own Core, from your heart. Is it guilt? Is it anger? Is it feeling of not deserving? Is it shame? Whatever it is, honesty and deep love needed.  Ignorance was never solution.

Welcome all of you, welcome them, welcome unity in your life. They are You, your core. They are part of everything. Unity is what you are. Bring the Unity to You and the Earth again.

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