Connecting to water, popping out my mermaid past life again.. mermaid sea swimming movements flows out when swimming in the sea, as if would be the most natural movement for me. Would stay in the sea forever.. Diving deep. Water reconnects me to what does really matter in my life and what doesn’t. Love and joy. That’s it. JUST BEING ME. No matter others reactions, if they see & understand me or not, to not harm me & my creations again. People say nobody can steal who you are. And I say no and yes. They did. And they used it for their purposes. Created mixed creatures without permission. This affected all of us. 🌊 I let go.. I forgive & heal the past to open my heart fully again.. to dare again from the place of love, calm and trust. Water heals. đź’§And NOW YES it is possible. đź’™

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