Undoing anti-unity gridwork.

If you have been struggling with relationships lately, this could be why. 

There was existing an artificially created anti-unity grid work on the Earth (since thousands years ago), which we are undoing now. Its purpose was to separate, maintain Duality on Earth (inhibit the threefold flame and permit only vesica piscis form – separated from its third component) – and so to make the natural unification between – you & higher spirit, you & partner (hierogamic union), you & affinity friends & soul family.. very difficult or almost impossible. 

✨This was done through this anti-unity grid (matrix) in concrete, and through the sword of Arch. Michael, which was stolen, manipulated and used for negative purposes. One of these was to separate artificially what tends to unify, or what was already unified, instead of to protect the Sacred Union and Divine Unity. 

✨ This was manipulating mind functioning, creating electromagnetic repulsiones and tensions between people, mind control, huge misunderstandings in comunication, inability to see the Truth behind the problems in relationships, chacras discomfort, sexual problems with true partners, negative harmful projections, energetic attacks, etc. ✨ 

✨ This Gridwork is being undone and recodify, re-birthed into its original functioning. ☀️🌍💕

 Picture credit to: unknown, please reclaim if necessary, thank you.

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