✨ Who wants to receive this truly empowering session with 25% off now? ✨ Valid till 30 of June, Code: Solstice ✨ Happy to share our gifts with you. 💕

Check out the full description of the session 

Partial description: 

🦋 Activating your Divine Spark you have within you Fully,

🦋 Your Individual and Specific Divine Blue Print reconnection and activation

🦋 Re-connecting you through the old matrix and all what is inhibiting you to be fully connected to your Soul and your Highest Spirit,

🦋 this includes clearing of all this stuff (yours and artificial according to your Highest Spirit will) in All your Dimensions, which will help you to be more empowered in your Connection to your Highest Spirit, to Be More Who You Truly Are, feeling more clearly your Truth and your True Desires, 

🦋 will help you with Integration, Unification of All Parts of You, all your dimensions within You

🦋 Includes DNA activation as it is part of the personal Grid Work in order to reconnect you with your Soul and your Highest Spirit 

🦋 Unity Codes Activation. 

For more info just message us or email us: unitycocreatorsinfo@gmail.com 💌

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