2D Clearings occuring now.

Hi loves,


huge 2D clearings now (since few days ago) -> Earth womb, caves, minerals, crystals, magma, elementals, elements, bacteria, viruses -> primordial life forces..


This has to do with all body liquids – especially blood and lymph -> which has to do with clearing of all which has to do with blood sacrifices and satanic rituals etc. done in the past lives (in order to gain power over others etc.),



and all this clearing also has to do with trapped souls and/or souls fragments and beings in the undergrounds of 2D (this include parts of Christos-Sophia and Sophia, and varios types of Sophia consciousness trapped underground –



where she was raped and misused and forced to have children – which has to do with now occurring healing of how kids were created in past lives – through anti christic creation procedures of hybridizations and cloning against mothers will (stealing her ovum) – violating her, all against her will and creating so anti-christic creations – hybridizations and clones.



Many other Oraphim races (12-24-48 str. DNA original human prototypes) were misused like she was too.

So it has to do a lot with the mother god principle to which majority of us (if not all) have a genetic connection through these happenings, but not only genetic, this is part of the story of the Earth as a planet also, she is also part of her, this is all interconnected, and so our bodies are part of the Earth, therefore we all are in this together, we can feel these clearings on some level, even if consciously don’t understand what is going on.

It is very profound healing, as it has to do with the mother god, mother-child relationship, and it is linked to patriarchy – and historical events of violating, enslaving, misusing, raping of the mother and child principle.



This link is to Egypt times when the sacred hierogamic union between unity man and woman was already achieved (in these times it was already for the 2.nd time), which was separated by force against their will by many dark beings on Earth as they didn’t like that, and they didn’t want them to have unitary children neither – as this would bring the embodiment of Christic Unity codes and template and anchor it to the Earth – which means freedom and sovereignty for humanity.


So yes, these are very heavy and important clearings – for someone more than another, depending on your personal soul history and agenda and DNA connections. Today I feel better as the connection from 2D to 3D was made, as all these beings and energies were trapped in the underground and now the conduit (I see it as a tunnel) was done from underground up to 3D – and so we broke through the separation which existed between 2D and 3D and all upper dimensions (because of one past happening because of negative influences in Egypt), and so now all these energies and beings can connect finally with us in 3D and all higher dimensions.



This is very historical moment for all. Final liberation of this realm through reconnection and therefore HEALING of this can occur. Much love, truth, self confidence, worthiness, empowerment and also healthy boundaries to all.

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