a) When the connection to God (Your Highest Spirit) or to your Soul, or to some of your lower or higher dimensions is cut of to minimum artificially (and this minimum is left there in order to make those beings to continue living and producing energy).

b) When the soul or subtle bodies are fragmented into pieces and disconnected between them artificially.

c) When natural connection between people and twinflames is cut of artificially (in order to prevent their unification – sacred marriage, called also Hieros Gamos).

All by using technology on many levels (not only on the physical, but also astral, soul level etc.), by chemicals, dark magic rituals of empowerment over others (especially through blood sacrifices in past lives, etc..), through artificially created or altered matrix – Earth grid, which is part of the human personal matrix (grid) and DNA, etc., through genetic manipulations, alien implants, mental control, electromagnetic and sound technology, etc.

As we are dividing Unity (personally and as a collective), all unification coming home processes are occurring in all levels and dimensions.

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