Duality is caused:
1.) by distortions and/or perversions which cause inner conflict between polarities, between opposite parts of what is (including feminine and masculine principle and aspects), which is preventing them to merge into Unity between them; and between each one of them and God – their highest spirits, their Pure Original Divine Qualities of their specific Blueprint and Original Body Architecture.
This conflict is impeding them to pass from bi-wave to three wave Christ (Unity) consciousness – reality of the Sacred Trinity (neutral field) which once balanced and merged into one sound frequency field leads us back to the Zero Point – God.
The Neutral Threefold Flame Field is the source of all creation, as it is eternal life force creating source, and it is achieved through merging of oposite polarities called sacred marriage (Hieros Gamos) and their balance. (Find more in the article: “What is Unity?”)
2.) Duality was also caused and maintained artificially through impeding unification processes using many types of technology by negative aliens since many thousands years ago.
Duality is still part of this Universe, the planet Earth, her composition, and so of our physical bodies, although all these are and will be passing now through integration proceses of coming back Home into Unity from inside out (there are beings which can hold the trinity frequencies and so are already embodying it), as we have decide so and it is our birthright.

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